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De bello Gallico (Vocabulary for Bk IV Chpts 24-26)

praemitto praemittere/praemisi/praemissus = to send before or in advance
subsequor subsequi/subsecutus sum (deponent)= to follow closely [sequor = to follow]
audacter (adv.) = fearlessly, daringly
conicio conicere/conieci/coniectus = to hurl, throw, cast
consisto consistere/constiti/--- = to take a stand or position; to stop, remain, stay
desilio desilire/desilui/desultus = to jump from, dismount
expeditus -a, -um = unimpeded; w/out baggage; light armed
fluctus -us, m. = flood; wave
insuefactus -a, -um = accustomed, trained
nisi (conj.) = if not, except, unless
notus -a, -um = known, well-known, familiar
onus oneris, nt. = burden, load; weight
paulum (adv.) = a little, somewhat, slightly
progredior progredi/progressus sum (deponent) = to step or go forward, advance
propter (+ acc.) = on account of, because of
alacritas alacritatis, f. = enthusiasm, eagerness, zeal
imperitus -a, -um = inexperienced, unskilled, ignorant [peritus, -a, -um = experienced, skilled, etc.]
omnino (adv.) = at all; altogether, only
studium studii, nt. = eagerness; devotion; pursuit
animadverto animadvertere/-verti/-versus = to turn one's mind to; to notice
aperio aperire/aperui/apertus = to open, expose
funda -ae, f. = sling (weapon)
iniusitatus -a, -um = unusual, startling
motus -us, m. = movement; uprising, disturbance
propello propellere/propuli/propulsus = to put to flight, rout; to drive back
removeo removere/removi/remotus = to move back or away, withdraw
remus -i, m. = oar
sagitta -ae, f. = arrow
species speciei, f. = sight; appearance
submoveo submovere/submovi/submotus = to drive away
tormentum -i, nt. = an engine or machine (for hurling missiles, e.g. catapults and ballistas)
aquila -ae, f. = eagle; a military standard -- the main standard of a legion
cunctor cunctari/cunctatus sum (deponent) = to delay, hesitate, be reluctant
evenio evenire/eveni/eventus = to turn out, result
feliciter (adv.) = happily, fortunately
obtestor obtestari/obtestatus sum (deponent) = to call to witness; to beseech, entreat, beg
permoveo permovere/permovi/permotus = to move thoroughly, incite
cohortor cohortari/cohortatus sum (deponent) = to encourage greatly, cheer, animate
commilito commilitonis, m. = fellow soldier, comrade
dedecus dedecoris, nt. = dishonor, disgrace
officium officii, nt. = allegiance, duty; business
proicio proicere/proieci/proiectus = to throw forward or away; to reject, give up; [se proicere = to cast oneself; to jump]
acriter (adv.) = sharply, fiercely
circumsisto circumsistere/circumstiti/--- = to surround
occurro ocurrere/occurri/occursus = to meet; to happen upon; to come to **this verb has DATIVE objects
consequor consequi/consecutus sum (deponent) = to follow up; to reach
fuga -ae, f. = flight [in fugam conicere or dare = to put to flight]
impetus -us, m. = attack; force, vehemence
navigium navigii, nt. = ship
submitto submittere/submisi/submissus = to send; to send to the assistance of
subsidium subsidii, nt. = reserve force; help
pristinus -a, -um = former; previous
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