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facts of life

test1 study guide

What is the result of a scientific experiment Strong correlation between independent variable and dependent variable
Results of the control group tell you about the variable High morality in control group
Taking a prescription medicine models what step in the scientific method testing a hypothesis
What activities are stimulated by the germ theory Precautious disease- causing pathogens can spread from an infected indivisual to an uninfected indivisual
What is the cell plasma membrane Separated from the outside environment by a flexible
What is evidence for the common ancestor of life • Hypothesis supported by the observation that all cells in all living organisms use DNA to direct their structure function and behavior
What are autotrophs These organisms make their own energy /producers of own energy source
These organisms obtain their energy from other organisms Heterotroph/ consumers
What created by the interactions of 2 or more populations Community level or organization
What is the advantage of multicellularity Cells-> tissues→ organs→ individual
What is an organ Composed of two or more tissues
What is the biosphere Includes all life forms and the spaces where they live
What cannot be tested by scientific method Questions about topics other than the natural world
What results support the hypothesis p kills fish A predicted increase in pizzeria populations coincided with a fish die of
What is used to contrast evolutionary tree Based on a set of shared characteristics believed to have arisen in a common ancestor share some features with their ancestors
Animal and fungi belong to this domain Eukaraya
What are prokaryotes Lacks a nucleus that encloses the cell’s DNA
What are prokaryote cell with lipid laden membrane Archae cells
What is the result of adaptations that allow them to live in any environment Reason bacteria and Achaea, are considered the most successful inhabitants of the planet
What is salt Halophiles are archaic hat love this compound
What is extreme hot found in hot geysers Archaens survive the temperature in the water
What are cells of bacteria Cells have the following shapes rod sphere or corkscrew
What are functions of bacteria Can provide the nitrate necessary for plant nutrition and can be used to clean up oil spills
What are viruses Constructed from a protein wrapped around DNA or RNA
How bacteria reproduce Binary fission
how bacteria communicate form slime Quorum sensing
Most ancient eukaryotes are what? Fossils of red algae
What is sexual reproduction Eukaryotes reproduction method which gives greater genetic variability between parents and offspring
What describes a multicellular functionality / what is the organization of multicellularity Each specialized cell uses genes that are not expressed in other cells.
What belongs to the kingdom Protista is the taxon that contains organisms that resemble animal or plants or fungi
Mosses were the first plants to do this Colonize land
Carbon dioxide, water, and light energy are necessary for this plant process What is photosynthesis
Kingdom first to conquer land What are Plants
Plants that do not posses roots What are moss
What is Lignin Chief constituent of wood, that binds to cellulose fibers and hardens and strengthens the cell walls of plants to allow them to extend upward
These kingdoms share the ability to photosynthesize Plants, bacteria
These two plant groups provide their embryos with stored food that can support growth before photosynthesis begins Angiosperms and gymnosperms
What is arrival of the pollen grain on the female reproductive part of the plant Pollination of carpel
What plants rely on nocturnal bats for pollination These flowers open at night and are closed during the day
Underground mycelium is larger than this part of mushroom the above ground fruiting body
Photoautotroph to chemoheterotrophic An animal that can go from photoautotroph to chemoheterotrophic is mycotrophic
What is xylem plant tissue specialized for transporting water and dissolved nutrients
What structure maintain tissue integrity and multicellularity in animals Most animals produce a fiber-rich extracellular matrix to which their cells can attach
What is the Developmental sequence after fertilization Zygote to blastula to gastrula.
What are deuterostome Derive the anus from the blastopore.
What system develops from the endoderm layer Digestive system—endoderm
What is cephalization Body plan with anterior location of feeding and sensory structures.
What is the nervous system communication with the muscular system Some parasites actively sense potential hosts or mates and move toward them.
This animal has circulatory system and digestive system but lacks a respiratory system the earthworm
what do Mollusk contribute this to marine ecosystems They contribute diversity
What is a Cephalopod Mollusk whose predatory lifestyle probably contributed to extraordinary intellectual development
Centipede—myriapods Authropod matched with its class
Carbohydrate found in arthropod exoskeleton Chitin
Reason vertebrates form a lineage that began with a common ancestor Humans, birds, and frogs are all vertebrates
Mammals do this so they have very successful reproductions The mammary gland for nourishing their young and the placenta is for supporting the growth of the embryo
The amniotic egg reduces dependency to this environment Dependent on the aquatic environment reptiles were the first
Structure that initially insulated this dinosaur feathers
Developing scientific understanding of a natural phenomenon typically begins by Making an observation
The basic unit of life is the cell
Living cells are separated from the outside environment by a flexible Membrane
DNA is one of the features common to all known forms of life It is the blueprint that guides growth,, development, behavior, reproduction of all organisms
Which organism might harvest energy from iron Bacterium
At the base of the evolutionary tree of all life is the Universal ancestor
Evolutionary trees are based on A set of shared characteristics
With the exception of the __ the following kingdoms are placed within the domain eukaryote Bacteria
Which of the following would contain the most closely related group of phyla Kingdom
The most restrictive category in the Linnaean classification system is Species
The most ancient eukaryotic fossils are similar to red algae, a type of __ abundant today Protist
Biologists hypothesize several advantages for the larger cell size typically observed in eukaryotes including Storage food, larger selection of potential prey, improved defensive system
Although exceptions exist, reproduction in most eukaryotes involves Two indivisuals combing DNA during the formation of a new organism
The dependence on sexual reproduction in the more complex eukaryotes suggest a greater number of benefits than asexual reproduction one example is the Greater gentic variability between parents and offspring
Protest may superficially resemble organisms in the other kingdoms one exception is the kingdom whose members do not resemble protist in any way Bacteria
Most animals reproduce sexually fertilization begins a developmental sequence that progresses from Zygote to blastula to gastrula
Whith the exception of the sponges all animals develop embryologically in one of two ways chordates and echinoderms as deuterostones Derives the anus from the blastopore
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