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Altered Resp.

Nursing 1215 Altered Respiratory Function

This upper respiratory disorder occurs when the nasal mucosa becomes inflamed. Thought of as the common cold, this can be caused by either viral or bacterial infections or allergens. Rhinitis
What is one concern with antihistamines that we worry about? This is especially true of BPH patients. Urinary Retention
Inflammation of the sinuses occur with this disease process. Inflammation is caused by pollen or other foreign substances. Sinusitis
An indication of sinusitis is this? Pain is experience when pressing on the area over the sinuses
What are some complications of sinusitis? Cellulites, access, meningitis
This is your sore throat that occurs most often with rhinitis and sinusitis. Pharyngitis
Most commonly caused by A beta hemolytic Strep. Usually confirmed by Rapid Strep Tests Pharyngitis
Pustules are a common physicial finding of this disease process. Pharyngitis
This disease process is characterized by inflammation and infection of the tonsils and lymphatic tissue. It is contagious and can be an airborne route of infection. Tonsillitis
We worry about the glomerular function when this organism is involved. It attacks both the heart and the kidneys. Strep
This disease process results in edema of the vocal cords Laryngitis
What are some common assessment findings for the following disease processes: rhinitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, and tonsillitis? Congestion, H/A, facial pressure, pain/tenderness, drainage, and low grade fever
What are some common treatments for the following disease processes: rhinitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, and tonsilitis? Antihistamines, decongestions, bacterial antibiotics, antipyretics, humidifier
With this disease process we see excess fluid in the lungs from the inflammatory process. Pneumonia
The primary concern with pneumonia is what? Poor ventilation and diffusion
Bronchospasms are a mechanism that you often see in this disease process. They happen as a result of the body trying to rid itself of the exudate that has built up in the lungs Pneumonia
What are some physical assessment findings typical of pneumonia? Fever, night sweats, productive cough, chills, fatigue, lethargy, tachypnea, accesory muscles being used.
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