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Perseus vocabulary (Eps. 1-4)

hic/haec/hoc (demonstrative pronoun) this (sg), these (pl)
ille/illa/illud (demonstrative pronoun) that (sg), those (pl)
avus, -i, m grandfather
nepos, nepotis, m/f grandson/daughter; descendant
suus (possessive adj) his/her/its (own)//their (own)
propter (+ acc) on account of, because of
includo/ere/inclusi/inclusus to shut in/up, to enclose
conicio/ere/conieci/coniectus to throw, cast, thrust
magnopere (adv) greatly, much, a lot
tempestas, tempestatis, f storm, tempest; weather
sinus, -us, f bay, gulf; shore of a bay; pocket
litus, litoris, nt shore
constituo/ere/constitui/constitutus to put in place, position; to decide, settle
piscator, -is, m fisherman
excipio/ere/excepi/exceptus to receive, welcome
finis, -is, m/f boundary, border; territory, land, country
gratias agere/ere/egi/actus to give thanks, thank
vitam agere/ere/egi/actus to lead a life, live
consilium, -i, nt plan, counsel
gratus, -a, -um pleasing
dimitto/ere/dimisi/dimissus to send away
iuvenis, -is, m/f young man/woman, youth
ignavus, -a, -um idle, lazy; cowardly
praesto/are/praestiti/praestitus to stand out, excel
refero/referre/rettuli/relatus to bring back, carry back
discedo/ere/discessi/discessus to go away, depart, leave
turpis, -e shameful, base
diu (adv) for a long time
galea, -ae, f helmet
speculum, -i, nt mirror
induo/ere/indui/indutus to put on
species, -ei, f appearance
manus, -us, f hand
anguis, -is, m/f snake, serpent
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