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Vocab Unit 3

Mrs. Wise English 2 k

Pel/puls to push, to drive
Compel to force or strongly persuade, coerce
Impulse a sudden involuntary urge to do something
Expel to send out of away
Jac/ject to throw or to cast
conjecture a guess based on inadiquate or faulty evidence
dejected downcast sad or depressed
abject lowly, miserable, wrenched
mit/mis send
emissary an agent sent on a mission
dismissive showing little regard, scornful
remiss failing to fulfill ones duty
mot/mov to move
motive cause for action
motif a recurring theme or symbol
emote to dramatically express emotions
via road, way
viaduct a bridge that carries a road or railroad over a valley
impervious unable to be affected
deviate to depart from a path or plan
obviate to make unnecessary; to avoid
fer to carry or to bring
defer to put aside until later; to yield respectfully
deference act or practice of yielding to another's authority
confer to discuss something, to consult; to bestow
inference a conclusion not directly provided by evidence but drawn out by facts
proffer to present or offer
proliferate to increase greatly in number; to multiply
port to carry, to bring
comportment manner in which one acts or behaves
purported claimed as true, but probably false
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