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notes on cell struct

double layer of phosolipids with proteins inserted(in between) cell membrane
a. protects covers holds cells together b. regulates materials in and out what the cell membrane does
made of water salts and organic materials cytoplasm crotoplasm in cell
a. stores chemicals b. contains organelles what cytoplasm cprotoplasm in a cell does
specialized structure's in a cell organelles
control center nucleus
surrounds nucleus- 1)protects 2) holds nuclus together 3) regulates materials nuclear membrane
protoplasm in nucleur nucleoplasm
1) stores RNA 2) MAKES RIBSOME PARTS nuclus
thread like genetic or hereditary material chronisomes
actual genetic hereditary materials carried on genes DNA
canal like structers that transports materials materials in cell makes lipids breaks down some chemicals in cell endoplasmis reticlum
no ribsomes breaks down some chemicals smooth
dot like structers on that make assembles put togetherprotiens from amino acids ribsomes
bean shaped or sasugage shaped structers that makeproduce releaces energy called ower house of the cell mitocondra
sac like membranes thathold packaged materials like protien waste or other materials into membranes and puts in vescles or vacules golgi body
stores materials like water waste food (much longer in plant) vacule
sca like membrane structer containing chemicas for digestion of cells food lissome
contains chlorophyll for photosynthesis colorplast
Created by: zard1