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Micro vocab

Decontamination? to remove or destroy contaminants
Sterilization? to remove or destroy all viable living organisms
Sanitization? removing microbes and debris from non-living objects
Disinfection? destruction of vegetative microbes on non-living objects
Antiseptic? removing microbes on living tissues
Sepsis? growth of microbes in tissues
Chemotherapeutic drug? any chemical used as treatment of a disease
Prophylaxis? a drug used to prevent potential infection of a person at risk
Antimicrobial chemotherapy? the use of chemotherapeutic drugs to control infection
Antimicrobials? any antimicrobial drug, regardless of its origin
Antibiotics? substances produced by the natural metabolic processes of some microorganisms that can inhibit or destroy other microorganisms
Semisynthetic drugs? drugs that are chemically modified in the lab after being isolated from natural sources
Synthetic drugs? Antimicrobial compounds synthesized in the laboratory through chemical reactions
Narrow spectrum? (limited spectrum) Antimicrobials effective against a limited array of microbial types; EX: a drug effective mainly on gram-positive bacteria
Broad spectrum? (extended spectrum) Antimicrobials effective against a wide variety of microbial types; Ex: a drug effective for gram p and gram neg bacteria
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