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CCHS OCR AS Latin 12

usus usus, m use, experience, practice
usui est it is useful
ut indeclinable + indic. as, where, when, how
ut indeclinable + subjunc. that, so that
uter? utra, utrum which (of two)?
uterque utraque, utrumque each (of two), both
utrum indeclinable whether
utor uti, usus sum + abl use, enjoy
uxor uxoris, f wife
valeo valere, valui be strong, have influence
validus valida, validum strong, powerful
-ve indeclinable or
vehementer indeclinable violently, loudly, strongly
veho vehere, vexi, vectus carry, bear, convey
vel indeclinable or, either
velut indeclinable just as, like, as, as if
venio venire, veni come
ventus venti, m wind
verbum verbi, n word
vereor vereri, veritus sum fear, be afraid
vero indeclinable indeed, in fact, however
verto vertere, verti, versus turn
terga verto retreat
verus vera, verum true, real
vesper vesperis or vesperi, m evening
vester vestra, vestrum your (pl)
vestis vestis, f clothes
veto vetare, vetui, vetitus forbid, order…not
vetus veteris old
via viae, f street, road, way, path
victor victoris, m victor, conqueror
victoria victoriae, f victory
video videre, vidi, visus see
videor videri, visus sum seem, appear, be seen
villa villae, f country-house, estate, farm
vinco vincere, vici, victus conquer, defeat, win, be victorious
vir viri, m man, husband
virtus virtutis, f courage, virtue
vis pl vires, f force, violence; (pl) strength, forces
vita vitae, f life
vito vitare, vitavi, vitatus avoid
vivo vivere, vixi live, be alive, (+ abl) live on
vivus viva, vivum alive, living
vix indeclinable hardly, scarcely, with difficulty
voco vocare, vocavi, vocatus call, summon, invite, name
volo velle, volui want, wish, be willing, intend
vos vestrum you (plural)
vox vocis, f voice, shout, word
vulnero vulnerare, vulneravi, vulneratus wound, injure
vulnus vulneris, n wound, injury
vultus vultus, m face, expression
Created by: Yannerz