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CCHS OCR AS Latin 11

solus sola, solum alone, only, alone
solvo solvere, solvi, solutus loose, pay
navem solvo set sail
somnus somni, m sleep
sonus soni, m noise, sound
soror sororis, f sister
spatium spatii, n interval, space, distance
specto spectare, spectavi, spectatus look at, watch
sperno spernere, sprevi, spretus despise, reject, scorn
spero sperare, speravi, speratus hope, expect
spes spei, f hope
spolium spolii, n booty, spoil(s)
statim indeclinable at once, immediately
statuo statuere, statui, statutus fix, determine, decide, arrange
sto stare, steti stand, stand firm
studium studii, n eagerness, study, devotion
stultus stulta, stultum stupid, foolish
sub + abl or + acc under, beneath; up to
subito indeclinable suddenly
sum esse, fui be
summus summa, summum highest, greatest, top (of)
sumo sumere, sumpsi, sumptus take, take up
supero superare, superavi, superatus overcome, overpower
supersum superesse, superfui be left, remain, survive
superus supera, superum upper, higher
surgo surgere, surrexi get up, stand up, rise
suscipio suscipere, suscepi, susceptus take up, undertake, begin, bear
suspicor suspicari, suspicatus sum mistrust, suspect
suus sua, suum his (own), her (own), its (own), their (own)
tacitus tacita, tacitum quiet, silent, in silence
talis tale such
tam indeclinable so
tamen indeclinable however, nevertheless, yet
tandem indeclinable at last, finally
tango tangere, tetigi, tactus touch
tantum indeclinable only
tantus tanta, tantum so great, such a great, so much
tectum tecti, n roof, house
tego tegere, texi, tectus cover, protect, hide
telum teli, n weapon, javelin, missile
tempestas tempestatis, f weather, storm, time
templum templi, n temple
tempus temporis, n time
teneo tenere, tenui, tentus hold, keep, maintain
tergum tergi, n back, rear
terra terrae, f ground, land, earth
terreo terrere, terrui, territus frighten
terror terroris, m terror, panic
timeo timere, timui fear, be afraid
timor timoris, m fear, anxiety
tollo tollere, sustuli, sublatus raise, lift up, remove, destroy
tot indeclinable so many
totus tota, totum the whole, entire, all
trado tradere, tradidi, traditus hand over, entrust, hand down, surrender
traho trahere, traxi, tractus pull, drag, draw
trans + acc across, over
tristis triste sad, gloomy, grim
tu tui you (singular)
tum indeclinable then, next
tumultus tumultus, m uproar, disturbance, civil war
turba turbae, f crowd, mob, disturbance, multitude
tutus tuta, tutum safe
tuus tua, tuum your (singular)
ubi indeclinable where? where, when
ubique indeclinable everywhere
ullus ulla, ullum any
ultimus ultima, ultimum furthest, last, utmost
umquam indeclinable ever
una indeclinable together
unda undae, f wave
unde indeclinable from where, whence
undique indeclinable from all sides, on all sides
urbs urbis, f city, town, Rome
usque indeclinable all the way, right up to, continuously
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