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CCHS OCR AS Latin 10

recipio recipere, recepi, receptus regain, receive, welcome
me recipio retreat, withdraw
recito recitare, recitavi, recitatus recite, read aloud
rectus recta, rectum straight, direct, right, proper
reddo reddere, reddidi, redditus give back, restore, hand over, make
redeo redire, redii return, go back, come back
refero referre, rettuli, relatus bring back, report, refer
pedem/me refero retreat
reficio reficere, refeci, refectus repair, restore, refresh
regina reginae, f queen
regnum regni, n kingdom, reign, rule
rego regere, rexi, rectus rule, direct
regredior regredi, regressus sum go back, return
relinquo relinquere, reliqui, relictus leave, leave behind, abandon
reliquus reliqua, reliquum the rest of, the other
repente indeclinable suddenly
res rei, f thing, affair, matter, business
res publica rei publicae, f state, republic
resisto resistere, restiti + dat resist, oppose
respondeo respondere, respondi, responsus answer, reply
responsum responsi, n answer, reply
restituo restituere, restitui, restitutus restore, give back
retineo retinere, retinui, retentus hold back, restrain, keep
rex regis, m king
ripa ripae, f bank
rogo rogare, rogavi, rogatus ask, ask for
rumpo rumpere, rupi, ruptus break, burst, break through
rursus indeclinable back, again
rus ruris, n country
sacerdos sacerdotis, m and f priest, priestess
saepe indeclinable often
saevus saeva, saevum savage, cruel
salus salutis, f health, safety, greeting
saluto salutare, salutavi, salutatus greet, salute
sanguis sanguinis, m blood
sapiens sapientis wise, sensible
sapientia sapientiae, f wisdom, good sense
satis indeclinable enough
scelus sceleris, n crime, wickedness
scio scire, scivi, scitus know
scribo scribere, scripsi, scriptus write
scutum scuti, n shield
se sui himself, herself, itself, themselves
secundus secunda, secundum following, next, second, favourable
sed indeclinable but
sedes sedis, f seat, temple, home
semel indeclinable once
semper indeclinable always
senator senatoris, m senator
senatus senatus, m senate
senex senis, m old man
sententia sententiae, f opinion, judgement, sentence
sentio sentire, sensi, sensus feel, notice, hear, judge
sequor sequi, secutus sum follow, pursue, attend
servo servare, servavi, servatus save, protect, keep
servus servi, m slave
si indeclinable if
sic indeclinable thus, in this way
sicut indeclinable just as, like, as, as if
signum signi, n sign, signal, standard
silentium silentii, n silence
silva silvae, f wood, forest
similis simile similar, like
simul indeclinable at the same time, together
simulac, (simulatque) indeclinable as soon as
sine + abl without
sinister sinistra, sinistrum left, on the left, unfavourable
sinistra sinistrae, f left hand, left side
sino sinere, sivi, situs allow, permit
sive, seu indeclinable or if, whether
socius socii, m ally, comrade, companion
sol solis, m sun, sunlight
soleo solere, solitus sum be accustomed
solum indeclinable only
Created by: Yannerz