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postulo postulare, postulavi, postulatus demand, ask
potens potentis powerful
potestas potestatis, f power, authority, opportunity
potior potiri, potitus sum + gen or abl seize, get possession of
potius indeclinable rather, more
praebeo praebere, praebui, praebitus provide, give, show, offer
praeda praedae, f booty, plunder
praemium praemii, n prize, reward
praeficio praeficere, praefeci, praefectus put in charge of
praesidium praesidii, n protection, garrison, fortification
praesum praeesse, praefui + dat be in charge of
praeter + acc beyond, except, besides
praeterea indeclinable besides, moreover, in addition
praetor praetoris, m praetor (acted as judge or governor)
precor precari, precatus sum pray, pray to, beg
pretium pretii, n price, value
primus prima, primum first, chief
princeps principis, m emperor, chief, chieftain
prior prioris previous, former
prius indeclinable before, previously
priusquam indeclinable before, until
pro + abl in front of, for, on behalf of, in return for
procedo procedere, processi advance, proceed
procul indeclinable far away, distant
prodo prodere, prodidi, proditus betray, surrender
proelium proelii, n battle
proficiscor proficisci, profectus sum set out, depart
progredior progredi, progressus sum advance, proceed
promitto promittere, promisi, promissus promise
prope + acc near
propter + acc on account of, because of
provincia provinciae, f province
proximus proxima, proximum nearest, next, last
publicus publica, publicum public, common
pudor pudoris, m shame, modesty, honour, disgrace
puella puellae, f girl
puer pueri, m boy
pugna pugnae, f fight, battle
pugno pugnare, pugnavi fight
punio punire, punivi, punitus punish
puto putare, putavi, putatus think, consider, reckon
quaero quaerere, quaesivi, quaesitus search for, ask for, ask, inquire
qualis? quale what sort of?
quam indeclinable how, than, as
quam + superlative as ... as possible
quamquam indeclinable although
quando? indeclinable when?
quantus? quanta, quantum how big? how much?
quasi indeclinable as if, just as, nearly
-que indeclinable and
queror queri, questus sum complain
qui quae, quod who, which, that
quia indeclinable because
quidam quaedam, quoddam one, a certain, some
quidem indeclinable indeed, in fact, however
ne ... quidem indeclinable not ... even
quies quietis, f rest, peace, quiet
quis? quid who? what? any
quisquam quicquam anyone, anything
quisque quaeque, quidque each, each one, every
quisquis quicquid whoever, whatever
quo? indeclinable where to?
quoad indeclinable as long as, until
quod indeclinable because, (as to) the fact that
quod si but if
quomodo? indeclinable how? in what way?
quoniam indeclinable since
quoque indeclinable also, too
quot? indeclinable how many?
quotiens indeclinable how often? as often as
rapio rapere, rapui, raptus seize, grab, carry off, plunder
ratio rationis, f account, reckoning, manner, reason
recens recentis recent, fresh
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