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oppidum oppidi, n town
opportunus opportuna, opportunum suitable, opportune
opprimo opprimere, oppressi, oppressus overwhelm, crush, weigh down
oppugno oppugnare, oppugnavi, oppugnatus attack
(ops) opis, f help; (pl) resources, riches
opus operis, n work, toil, construction
opus est esse, fuit + abl (impersonal) there is need (of)
ora orae, f coast
oratio orationis, f speech
ordo ordinis, m rank, order, line
orior oriri, ortus sum rise, start, originate
orno ornare, ornavi, ornatus adorn, decorate, provide, equip
oro orare, oravi, oratus beg
os oris, n mouth, face
ostendo ostendere, ostendi, ostentus show, point out, indicate
otium otii, n leisure, idleness, peace
paene indeclinable almost, nearly
palam indeclinable openly
par paris equal
parco parcere, peperci + dat spare
parens parentis, m and f parent; (pl) relations
pareo parere, parui + dat obey
pario parere, peperi, partus win, acquire, gain, secure
paro parare, paravi, paratus prepare, provide
pars partis, f part, some, direction
parvus parva, parvum small
passim indeclinable in all directions, far and wide
passus passus, m pace
mille passus mile
pater patris, m father
patior pati, passus sum suffer, endure, allow
patria patriae, f homeland, native land
pauci paucae, pauca few, a few
paulatim indeclinable gradually, little by little
paulisper indeclinable for a short time
paulum, paulo indeclinable a little, somewhat
pauper pauperis poor
pax pacis, f peace
pecunia pecuniae, f money
pedes peditis, m infantry
pello pellere, pepuli, pulsus push, drive, rout
per + acc through, throughout, along
perdo perdere, perdidi, perditus destroy, lose
pereo perire, perii die, perish, be ruined
perficio perficere, perfeci, perfectus bring about, complete, perfect
periculum periculi, n danger
peritus perita, peritum + gen or abl skilled (in)
permitto permittere, permisi, permissus hand over, entrust, permit, allow
persuadeo persuadere, persuasi + dat persuade, convince
perterritus perterrita, perterritum very frightened
pervenio pervenire, perveni reach, arrive
pes pedis, m foot
peto petere, petivi, petitus seek, ask for, make for, attack
pilum pili, n javelin
placet placere, placuit + dat it pleases, suits, it is resolved
plebs plebis, f the people, common people
plenus plena, plenum full, filled
plerique pleraeque, pleraque most, the majority
poena poenae, f punishment, penalty
poenas do pay the penalty, am punished
polliceor polliceri, pollicitus sum promise
pono ponere, posui, positus put, place, set up (camp)
pons pontis, m bridge
populus populi, m people, nation
porta portae, f gate
porto portare, portavi, portatus carry, bear, take
portus portus, m harbour, port
posco poscere, poposci demand, ask for
possum posse, potui can, be able
post + acc behind, after
post indeclinable afterwards, next
postea indeclinable afterwards, then
postquam indeclinable after, when
postremus postrema, postremum last
postridie indeclinable on the next day
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