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iuvenis iuvenis young man, young
iuvo iuvare, iuvi, iutus help
labor labi, lapsus sum glide, slip, fall
labor laboris, m work, toil, trouble
laboro laborare, laboravi, laboratus work, toil, be in difficulty
laedo laedere, laesi, laesus hurt, injure, harm
laetus laeta, laetum happy, glad
latus lata, latum wide, broad
latus lateris, n side, wing
laudo laudare, laudavi, laudatus praise
laus laudis, f praise, honour, credit
legatus legati, m (legionary) commander, ambassador, envoy
legio legionis, f legion
lego legere, legi, lectus read, choose
lentus lenta, lentum slow
levis leve light, slight
lex legis, f law
libens libentis willing, glad
liber libera, liberum free
liber libri, m book
liberi liberorum, m pl children
libero liberare, liberavi, liberatus set free
libertas libertatis, f freedom
libertus liberti, m freedman, ex-slave
licet licere, licuit + dat it is allowed
littera litterae, f (usually pl. with sg. meaning) letter
litus litoris, n sea-shore, beach
locus loci, m place, position, situation, opportunity
longus longa, longum long
loquor loqui, locutus sum speak, talk
lux lucis, f light, daylight
magister magistri, m teacher, master
magnus magna, magnum big, large, great
magnopere indeclinable very much, greatly
magis indeclinable more, rather
malo malle, malui prefer
malus mala, malum evil, bad
mando mandare, mandavi, mandatus commit, entrust, command
mane indeclinable in the morning, early
maneo manere, mansi remain, stay
manus manus, f hand, band
mare maris, n sea
mater matris, f mother
medius media, medium middle (of)
mens mentis, f mind
mensis mensis, m month
mercator mercatoris, m merchant
metus metus, m fear
meus mea, meum my
miles militis, m soldier
minor minari, minatus sum + dat threaten
mirabilis mirabile strange, wonderful
miror mirari, miratus sum wonder at, admire
miser misera, miserum miserable, wretched, sad
mitto mittere, misi, missus send, throw, let go
modo indeclinable just now, only
modus modi, m manner, way, kind
moenia moenium, n pl city walls, city
moneo monere, monui, monitus warn, advise, teach
mons montis, m mountain
monstro monstrare, monstravi, monstratus show, point out, indicate, instruct
morbus morbi, m sickness, disease
morior mori, mortuus sum die
mors mortis, f death
moror morari, moratus sum delay
mora morae, f delay
mos moris, m habit, custom, (pl) character, morals
moveo movere, movi, motus move
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