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corripio corripere, corripui, correptus seize, carry off
cotidie indeclinable every day, daily
cras indeclinable tomorrow
credo credere, credidi, creditus + dat believe, trust, entrust
crimen criminis, n accusation, charge, crime
crudelis crudele cruel
culpa culpae, f fault, blame
cum indeclinable when, since, although
cum + abl with
cunctus cuncta, cunctum all, whole
cupidus cupida, cupidum + gen eager (for), greedy
cupio cupere, cupivi, cupitus desire, wish, want
cur? indeclinable why?
cura curae, f care, charge, anxiety
curo curare, curavi, curatus care for, cure; with gerundive = get something done
curro currere, cucurri, cursus run
custodio custodire, custodivi, custoditus guard
custos custodis, m and f guard
de + abl about, from, down from
dea deae, f goddess
deus dei, m god
debeo debere, debui, debitus owe, ought
decipio decipere, decepi, deceptus deceive
defendo defendere, defendi, defensus defend
defessus defessa, defessum tired
deinde, dein indeclinable then, next, afterwards
deleo delere, delevi, deletus destroy
denique indeclinable at last, finally, in short
descendo descendere, descendi, descensus descend, come down
desino desinere, desii, desitus cease
despero desperare, desperavi, desperatus despair
dexter dextra, dextrum right, on the right, right hand
dextra dextrae, f right hand, right side
dico dicere, dixi, dictus say, speak, tell
dies diei, m, occasionally f day
difficilis difficile difficult
dignitas dignitatis, f rank, dignity, importance, honour
dignus digna, dignum + abl worthy (of), deserving (of)
diligens diligentis careful, diligent
dimitto dimittere, dimisi, dimissus dismiss, scatter
dirus dira, dirum dreadful
discedo discedere, discessi depart, leave
disco discere, didici learn
dissimilis dissimile different
diu indeclinable for a long time
dives divitis rich
divitiae divitiarum, f pl riches, wealth
divido dividere, divisi, divisus divide, separate
do dare, dedi, datus give
doceo docere, docui, doctus teach, inform
doleo dolere, dolui hurt, be in pain, lament
dolor doloris, m pain, sorrow, anger
dolus doli, m trick, fraud
dominus domini, m master
domus domus, f house, home
donum doni, n gift, present
dormio dormire, dormivi sleep
dubito dubitare, dubitavi, dubitatus doubt, hesitate
dubius dubia, dubium doubtful, wavering
duco ducere, duxi, ductus lead, take, marry, consider
dum indeclinable while, until
durus dura, durum hard, harsh, rough
dux ducis, m leader, general, ruler
e, ex + abl from, out of; (in compounds) out
efficio efficere, effeci, effectus carry out, accomplish
effugio effugere, effugi escape
egeo egere, egui + gen or abl need, be in want of, lack
ego mei I, me
egredior egredi, egressus sum go out, come out
emo emere, emi, emptus buy
enim indeclinable for
eo indeclinable thither
eo ire, i(v)i go
epistula epistulae, f letter
eques equitis, m knight, horseman, (pl) cavalry
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