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aut indeclinable or, either
autem indeclinable but, however
auxilium auxilii, n help; (pl ) (auxiliary) troops
bellum belli, n war
bene indeclinable well
beneficium beneficii, n kindness, service, favour
bis indeclinable twice
bona bonorum, n pl goods, possessions, property
bonus bona, bonum good
brevis breve short, brief
cado cadere, cecidi, casus fall, perish
caedes caedis, f slaughter, killing, murder
caelum caeli, n sky, heaven
campus campi, m plain, field
canis canis, m and f dog
cano canere, cecini, cantus sing, sound, play (of trumpets etc.)
capio capere, cepi, captus take, catch, capture, choose
captivus captivi, m captive, prisoner
caput capitis, n head, person, life, capital
carus cara, carum dear
castra castrorum, n pl camp
causa causae, f cause, reason, case
causa + gen for the sake of
caveo cavere, cavi, cautus beware (of), take care
cedo cedere, cessi, cessus yield, give up; (in compounds) go
celer celeris, celere quick
celo celare, celavi, celatus hide
centurio centurionis, m centurion
cerno cernere, crevi, cretus see, perceive, decree
certamen certaminis, n contest, battle, struggle
certus certa, certum certain, sure, fixed
certiorem facere inform
ceteri ceterae, cetera the rest, the other
cibus cibi, m food
cingo cingere, cinxi, cinctus surround
circum, circa + acc around, about
civis civis, m and f citizen
civitas civitatis, f citizenship, state, city, tribe
clades cladis, f disaster, loss, defeat
clam indeclinable secretly
clamo clamare, clamavi, clamatus shout, exclaim, proclaim
clamor clamoris, m shout, uproar, noise
clarus clara, clarum clear, famous, distinguished
coepi coepisse, coeptus began
cogito cogitare, cogitavi, cogitatus think, consider
cognosco cognoscere, cognovi, cognitus get to know, find out, learn
cogo cogere, coegi, coactus force, compel, drive, assemble
cohors cohortis, f cohort, company
colo colere, colui, cultus cultivate, worship, honour
comes comitis, m and f comrade, companion
committo committere, commisi, commissus commit, fight, begin (battle)
comparo comparare, comparavi, comparatus prepare, provide, obtain, compare
condemno condemnare, condemnavi, condemnatus convict, condemn
condo condere, condidi, conditus found, establish, hide
confero conferre, contuli, conlatus collect, compare, contribute, bestow
conficio conficere, confeci, confectus complete, wear out
confido confidere, confisus sum + dat trust, believe, have confidence
coniunx coniugis, m and f husband, wife, spouse
conor conari, conatus sum try
consilium consilii, n council, plan, advice, prudence
consisto consistere, constiti, constitus halt, stand, stand firm
conspicio conspicere, conspexi, conspectus notice, observe, see
constituo constituere, constitui, constitutus decide, establish
consul consulis, m consul
consulo consulere, consului, consultus consult, consider, advise
consumo consumere, consumpsi, consumptus eat, consume, spend
contendo contendere, contendi, contentus hurry, march, contend, fight
contra + acc against
copiae copiarum, f pl troops, forces, supplies
corpus corporis, n body
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