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Nurse-Client Interac

module 1

Therapeutic Relationship Self-Awareness = values, biases, feelings, attitude
Therapeutic Relationship (cont.) Use of Self – “personal style”, genuineness, authenticity, hope, respect, acceptance, and EMPATHY “actor-observer bias”
Therapeutic Relationship (cont.) EMPATHY Actor-Observer Bias - Actor-situational causation (traffic, can’t find parking, car won’t start, etc…) -Observer-dis positional causation (lazy, don’t care, irresponsible, etc…) *When a student comes to class late
Social Relationship vs. Therapeutic Relationship SOCIAL Mutual satisfaction (both-sided) -both people get something out of it Similar self-disclosure Unplanned; indefinite, and often gradual termination
Social Relationship vs. Therapeutic Relationship THERAPEUTIC Client focus (one-sided) -manage anxiety -well being -growth Client’s thoughts (thinking), feelings, and behaviors (doing) Time limited
Phrases of Nurse-Client Relationship 1.Pre-interactive (per-orientation) Nurse only – preparing and collecting client’s medical history
Phrases of Nurse-Client Relationship 2.Orientation (initial,introductory) -‘Get acquainted’ (what brings you here?) -Identify initial nursing diagnoses (collecting of data from pre-orientation) -Formulate verbal contract (building trust)
Phrases of Nurse-Client Relationship COMPONENTS OF VERBAL CONTRACT 2.Orientation(initial,introductory) components of verbal contract— -Purpose-set boundaries, client focused -Roles/responsibilities -Boundaries 1:1 (time & place, frequency, length of session, termination) -Confidentiality
Phrases of Nurse-Client Relationship 3.Working (middle) -Nursing actions (goals) -Nurse and client work together to develop client competency -Fine-tune nursing diagnoses
Phrases of Nurse-Client Relationship 4.Termination -Summarize what occurred in 1:1s -Evaluate goals (expected outcomes) -Expression of feelings (sadness, anger, denial, etc…) -“GOOD-BYE”
Phrases of Nurse-Client Relationship 5.Post-termination Nurse only (is necessary to review to develop nursing skills)
Interactions with Clients(Do's and Don'ts) DO'S -Actively listen -Be unhurried -Be sensitive to nonverbal communication -Be professional (accepting, supportive, and objective) -Be open to recognize -Respect culturally influenced behaviors -Use language client understands
Interactions with Clients(Do's and Don'ts) DO'S -Recognize how own feelings, beliefs, and attitudes affect own behaviors -Avoid: multiple questions (“whys”) and advice (try to explore for options) -Develop repertoire of communication skills to acquire “your” most effective style
Interactions with Clients(Do's and Don'ts) DON'TS -Assume client will or will no accept you -Deprive the client of their individuality -Minimize or exaggerate severity of situation -Express moral or ethical judgments (“that’s a great idea!”
Interactions with Clients(Do's and Don'ts) DON'TS -Try to impress with your knowledge -Be defensive -Divulge (make to public) confidential information
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