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urbs and domus vocab

urbs, urbis city
templum, -i temple
amphitheatrum, -i arena
theatrum, -i theater
horti publici public gardens
schola, -ae school
forum, -i forum
Circus Maximus race track
thermae, -arum baths
curia, -ae senate house
popina, ae snack bar
insula, -ae apartment building
macellum, -i market
aquaeductus, -us aqueduct
bibliotheca, -ae library
lectica, -ae litter
raeda, -ae carriage
murus, -i wall
culina, -ae kitchen
atrium,. –i atrium
vestibulum, -i entrance way, foyer
tectum, -i roof
cubiculum, -i bedroom
compluvium, -i skylight
impluvium, -i collecting pool
balneum, -i bath
triclinium, -i dining room
tablinum, -i study
peristylium, -i colonnaded walkway
hortus, -i garden
lectus, -i bed
mensa, -ae table
candela, -ae candle
lucerna, -ae oil lamp
sella, -ae chair
Created by: judithcampbell