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What are mineralocorticoids? Steriods that maintain fluid & electrolyte balance through their influence on salt & water metabolism
What is aldosterone? A mineralocorticoid. A hormone in the kidneys that increases sodium reabsorption from kidney tubules and water is reabsorbed along with the sodium
What does the adrenal cortex secretes? male (androgens) and female (estrogens & progesterone)
What are corticosteriods useful for? The treatment of broad spectrum diseases with an inflammatory or immunologic component.
What are the contraindications of corticosteroids? Systemic Fungal infections. Use in caution at risk for infections and patients with infections because they may mask signs & symptoms so infections become more severe, diabetes mellitus.
What are the desired pharmacological effects of corticosteriods? anti-inflammatory, innumosuppressive, anti-allergic, and anti-stress
What is prednisone prescribed for? Nonendocrine disorders in which anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, antistress, and immunosuppresive effects are desired
What is Dexamethasone prescribed for? cerebral edema associated with brain tumors, head injury because it penetrates the blood-brain barrier and achieves higher concentrations in cerbrospinal fluid
Which of the following types of tumors may produce corticotropin(Adrenocorticotropic hormone or ACTH, antidireutic hormone, or parathrroid hormone? Lung Tumors
Adverse effects of systemic corticosteriods include: Hypertension and Glucose Intolerance
Prednisone is prescribed for Addison's Disease
In adrenal insufficiency, __________________ is a common symptom in critically ill patients. ________ caused by adrenal insufficiency may mimic hypovolemic or septic shock. Hypotension
What would the physician prescribe for a patient with adrenal insufficiency and hypotension? Corticosteriod. If adrenal insufficiency is caused by hypotension, corticosteriods can eliminate the need for vasopressor drugs to maintain adequate tissue perfusion.
Can corticosteriods be used for the treatment of adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDs)? No, they are not beneficial in early treatment or prevention of ARDS.
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