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vc lvn vnc

vc lvn vocational nursing concept test

study habits how to prepare, length of time, purpose of testing, etc be realistic, make a daily schedule and stick to it, include time for rest and relaxation, allow for emergencies.
note taking skills listen-pay attention adn avoid distractions. list-main ideas, facts, and supporting data. write questions if something is not clear. read-as soon as possible, fill in supporting data that was not written in. review-notes on day they were made.
Why is forming a study group and effective way of learning. you're able to compare notes. someone might have information you missed. able to communicate your thoughts and understanding of information being taught.
Describe methods for reducing test anxiety and strategies for taking test. remind yourself that you studied the materia, get a good night's sleep before the test, replace negative thoughts about yourself with positive ones./differntiate between the hard and easy section or questions, when guessing trust your first response as co
Adjusting to student life means more than just knowing the rules and regulations of the institution. (self-awareness)
A vocational nursing program has a short time span by which to train and educate LVN candidates; therefore, emphasis for training is placed where?
Identify characteristics that make a person a "critical thinker"
Know that possessing good mental health and the ability to adjust to our emotions, ambitions, and desires to accommodate others is an essential trait of nursing.
Identify the steps and/or techniques for problem-solving.
Be familiar with maslow's five levels of human needs.
Identify important elements concerning the nurse's physical health and well-being and emotional health that are essential trait of a nurse.
Describe and know what makes for effective and ineffective communication between sender and receiver.
identify, describe and know examples of communication barriers ( i.e.. closed body language or arms crossed)
identify and know how effective communication can be achieved with people of special needs.
identify examples of inappropriate technique or behavior that blocks effective communication.
identify what makes for effective communications (verbal and listening)
know the difference between sympathetic versus empathetic
identify the two organizations that recently published revised standards of practice for vocational/practical nurses.
which governmental agency grants authorization in the form of a license for student nurses to practice after graduation?
which governmental agency enforces laws (nurses practice act) that govern nursing practices?
know what multistate privleges meani in relationsip to "compact states"
Define "scope of practice" and identify specific function permitted and responsibilities of the vocational nurse.
compare and contrast from a nonprofessional.
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