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Duff 20.2

Duff NT Greek - Principal parts

λυω present of λυω = I untie
λυσω future of λυω = I will untie
ἐλυσα aorist active of λυω = I untied
λελυκα perf active of λυω = I have untied
λελυμαι perf m/p of λυω = I have been untied
ἐλυθην aor passive of λυω = I was untied
φιλω present of φιλω = I love
φιλησω future of φιλω = I will love
ἐφιλψσα aor active of φιλω = I loved
θεφιληκα perf active of φιλω = I have loved
πεφιλημαι perf m/p of φιλω = I have been loved
ἐφιληθην aor passive of φιλω = I was loved
ἀγω present of ἀγω = I lead
ἀξω future of ἀγω = I will lead
ἠγαγον/ἠξα aor active of ἀγω = I led
ἠγμαι perf m/p of ἀγω = I have been led
ἠχθην aor passive of ἀγω = I was led
αἰρω present of αἰρω = I take up
ἀρω future of αἰρω = I will take up
ἠρα aor active of αἰρω = I took up
ἠρκα perf active of αἰρω = I have taken up
ἠρμαι perf m/p of αἰρω = I have been taken up
ἠρθην aor passive of αἰρω = I was taken up
ἀκουω present of ἀκουω = I hear
ἀκουσω future of ἀκουω = I will hear
ἠκουσα aor active of ἀκουω = I heard
ἀκηκοα perf active of ἀκουω = I have heard
ἠκουσθην aor passive of ἀκουω = I have been heard
ἁμαρτανω present of ἁμαρτανω = I was heard
ἁμαρτησω future of ἁμαρτανω = I sin
ἡμαρτησα/ἡμαρτον aor active of ἁμαρτανω = I will sin
ἡμαρτηκα perf active of ἁμαρτανω = I have sinned
ἀφιημι present of ἀφιημι = I forgive/leave
ἀφησω future of ἀφιημι = I will forgive/leave
ἀφηκα aor active of ἀφιημι = I forgave/left
ἀφεωμαι perf m/p of ἀφιημι = I have been forgiven/left
ἀφεθην aor passive of ἀφιημι = I was forgiven/left
βαινω present of βαινω = I go
βησομαι future of βαινω = I will go
ἐβην aor active of βαινω = I went
βεβηκα perf active of βαινω = I have gone
βεβαμαι perf m/p of βαινω
ἐβαθην aor passive of βαινω
βαλλω present of βαλλω = I throw/place
βαλω future of βαλλω = I will throw/place
ἐβαλον/α aor active of βαλλω = I threw/placed
βεβληκα perf active of βαλλω = I have thrown/placed
βεβλημαι perf m/p of βαλλω = I have been thrown/placed
ἐβληθην aor passive of βαλλω = I was thrown/placed
γινομαι present of γινομαι = I become
γενησομαι future of γινομαι = I will become
ἐγενομην aor active of γινομαι = I became
γεγονα perf active of γινομαι = I have become
γεγενημαι perf m/p of γινομαι
ἐγενηθην aor passive of γινομαι
γινωσκω present of γινωσκω = I know
γνωσομαι future of γινωσκω = I will know
ἐγνων aor active of γινωσκω = I knew
ἐγνωκα perf active of γινωσκω = I have known
ἐγνωσμαι perf m/p of γινωσκω = I have been known
ἐγνωσθην aor passive of γινωσκω = I was known
γραφω present of γραφω = I write
γραψω future of γραφω = I will write
ἐγραψα aor active of γραφω = I wrote
γεγραψα perf active of γραφω = I have written
γεγραμμαι perf m/p of γραφω = I have been written
ἐγραφην aor passive of γραφω = I was written
διδασκω present of διδασκω = I teach
διδαξω future of διδασκω = I will teach
ἐδιδαξα aor active of διδασκω = I taught
ἐδιδαχθην aor passive of διδασκω = I was taught
διδωμι present of διδωμι = I give
δωσω future of διδωμι = I will give
ἐδωκα aor active of διδωμι = I gave
δεδωκα perf active of διδωμι = I have given
δεδομαι perf m/p of διδωμι = I have been given
ἐδοθην aor passive of διδωμι = I was given
δοξαζω present of δοξαζω = I glorify
δοξασω future of δοξαζω = I will glorify
ἐδοξασα aor active of δοξαζω = I glorifed
δεδοξασμαι perfect m/p of δοξαζω = I have been glorified
ἐδοξασθην aor passive of δοξαζω = I was glorified
ἐγειρω present of ἐγειρω = I raise
ἐγερω future of ἐγειρω = I will raise
ἠγειρα aor active of ἐγειρω = I raised
ἐγηγερμαι perf m/p of ἐγειρω = I have been raised
ἠγερθην aor passive of ἐγειρω = I was raised
ἐλπιζω present of ἐλπιζω = I hope
ἐλπιω future of ἐλπιζω = I will hope
ἠλπισα aor active of ἐλπιζω = I hoped
ἠλπικα perf active of ἐλπιζω = I have hoped
ἐρχομαι present of ἐρχομαι = I come
ἐλευσομαι future of ἐρχομαι = I will come
ἠλθον aor active of ἐρχομαι = I came
ἐληλυθα perf active of ἐρχομαι = I have come
ἐσθιω present of ἐσθιω = I eat
φαγομαι future of ἐσθιω = I will eat
ἐφαγον aor active of ἐσθιω = I ate
ἑτοιμαζω present of ἑτοιμαζω = I prepare
ἑτοιμασα future of ἑτοιμαζω = I will prepare
ἡτοιμασα aor active of ἑτοιμαζω = I prepared
ἡτοιμακα perf active of ἑτοιμαζω = I have prepared
ἡτοιμασμαι perf m/p of ἑτοιμαζω = I have been prepared
ἡτοιμασθην aor passive of ἑτοιμαζω = I was prepared
εὑρισκω present of εὑρισκω = I find
εὑρησω future of εὑρισκω = I will find
εὑρον aor active of εὑρισκω = I found
εὑρηκα perf active of εὑρισκω = I have found
ευρεθην aor passive of εὑρισκω = I was found
ἐχω present of ἐχω = I have
ἑξω future of ἐχω = I will have
ἐσχον aor active of ἐχω = I had
ἐσχηκα perf active of ἐχω = I have had
βαπτιζω present of βαπτιζω = I baptise
βαπτισω future of βαπτιζω = I will baptise
ἐβαπτισα aor active of βαπτιζω = I baptised
βεβατισμαι perf m/p of βαπτιζω = I have been baptised
ἐβαπτισθην aor passive of βαπτιζω = I was baptised
ἱστημι present of ἱστημι = I stand
στησω future of ἱστημι = I will stand
ἐστησα/ἐστην aor active of ἱστημι = I stood
ἑστηκα perf active of ἱστημι = I have stood
ἑσταμαι perf m/p of ἱστημι = I have been caused to stand
ἐσταθην aor passive of ἱστημι = I was caused to stand
καλω present of καλεω = I call
καλεσω future of καλεω = I will call
ἐκαλεσα aor active of καλεω = I called
κεκληκα perf active of καλεω = I have called
κεκλημαι perfect m/p of καλεω = I have been called
ἐκληθην aor passive of καλεω = I was called
κηρυσσω present of κηρυσσω = I preach
κηρυξω future of κηρυσσω = I will preach
ἐκηρυξα aorist of κηρυσσω = I preached
κεκηρυγμαι perfect m/p of κηρυσσω = (it) has been preached
ἐκηρυχθην aor passive of κηρυσσω = (it) was preached
κρινω present of κρινω = I judge
κρινω future of κρινω = I will judge
ἐκρινα aor active of κρινω = I judged
κεκρικα perf active of κρινω = I have judged
κεκριμαι perfect m/p of κρινω = I have been judged
ἐκριθην aor passive of κρινω = I was judged
λαμβανω present of λαμβανω = I take
λημψομαι future of λαμβανω = I will take
ἐλαβον aor active of λαμβανω = I took
εἰληφα perf active of λαμβανω = I have taken
εἰλημμαι perf m/p of λαμβανω = I have been taken
ἐλημφθην aor passive of λαμβανω = I was taken
λεγω present of λεγω = I saw
ἐρω future of λεγω = I will say
εἰπον aor active of λεγω = I said
εἰρηκα perf active of λεγω = I have said
εἰρημαι perf m/p of λεγω = (it) has been said
ἐρρεθην/ἐρρηθην aor passive of λεγω = (it) was said
λειπω present of λειπω = I leave
λειψω future of λειπω = I will leave
ἐλιπον aor active of λειπω = I left
λελειμμαι perfect m/p of λειπω = I have been left
ἐλειφθην aor passive of λειπω = I was left
μενω present of μενω = I remain
μενω future of μενω = I remain
ἐμεινα aor active of μενω = I will remain
μεμενηκα perf active of μενω = I have remained
ὁραω present of ὁραω = I see
ὀψομαι future of ὁραω = I will see
εἰδον aor active of ὁραω = I saw
ἑορακα/ἑωρακα perf active of ὁραω = I have seen
ὠφθην aor passive of ὁραω = I was seen
πασχω present of πασχω = I suffer
ἐπαθον aor active of πασχω = I suffered
πεπονθα perf active of πασχω = I have suffered
πειθω present of πειθω = I persuade
πεισω future of πειθω = I will persuade
ἐπεισα aor active of πειθω = I persuaded
πεποιθα perf active of πειθω = I have persuaded
πεπεισμαι perf m/p of πειθω = I have been persuaded
ἐπεισθην aor passive of πειθω = I was persuaded
πεμπω present of πεμπω = I send
πεμψω future of πεμπω = I will send
ἐπεμψα aor active of πεμπω = I sent
ἐπεμφθην aor passive of πεμπω = I was sent
σπειρω present of σπειρω = I sow
ἐσπειρα aor active of σπειρω = I sowed
ἐσπαρμαι perf m/p of σπειρω = (it) has been sowed
ἐσπαρην aor passive of σπειρω = (it) was sowed
φευγω present of φευγω = I flee
φευξομαι future of φευγω = I will flee
ἐφυγον aor active of φευγω = I fled
πεφευγα perf active of φευγω = I have fled
σωζω present of σωζω = I save
σωσω future of σωζω = I will save
ἐσωσα aor active of σωζω = I saved
σεσωκα perf active of σωζω = I have saved
σεσωσμαι/σεσωμαι perf m/p of σωζω = I have been saved
ἐσωθην aor passive of σωζω = I was saved
στρεφω present of στρεφω = I turn
στρεψω future of στρεφω = I will turn
ἐστρεψα aor active of στρεφω = I turned
εστραμμαι perf m/p of στρεφω = I have been turned
ἐστραφην aor passive of στρεφω = I was turned
τιθημι present of τιθημι = I place
θησω future of τιθημι = I will place
ἐθηκα aor active of τιθημι = I placed
τεθεικα perf active of τιθημι = I have placed
τεθειμαι perf m/p of τιθημι = I have been placed
ἐτεθην aor passive of τιθημι = I was placed
οἰδα present of οἰδα = I know
εἰδησω future of οἰδα = I will know
ἐδειν aor active of οἰδα = I knew
τιμω present of τιμαω = I honour
τιμησω future of τιμαω = I will honour
ἐτιμησα aor active of τιμαω = I honoured
τετιμηκα perf active of τιμαω = I have honoured
τετιμημαι perf m/p of τιμαω = I have been honoured
ἐτιμηθην aor passive of τιμαω = I was honoured
φανερω present of φανεροω = I reveal
φανερωσω future of φανεροω = I will reveal
ἐφανερωσα aor active of φανεροω = I revealed
πεφανερωκα perf active of φανεροω = I have revealed
πεφανερωμαι perf m/p of φανεροω = I have been revealed
ἐφανερωθην aor passive of φανεροω = I was revealed
πρασσω present of πρασσω = I do
πραξω future of πρασσω = I will do
ἐπραξα aor active of πρασσω = I did
πεπραχα perf active of πρασσω = I have done
πεπραγμαι perf m/p of πρασσω = (it) has been done
ἀγγελλω present of ἀγγελλω = I announce
ἀγγελω future of ἀγγελλω = I will announce
ἠγγειλα aor active of ἀγγελλω = I announced
ἠγγελκα perf active of ἀγγελλω = I have announced
ἠγγελμαι perf m/p of ἀγγελλω = (it) has been announced
ἠγγελην aor passive of ἀγγελλω = (it) was announced
ἀνοιγω present of ἀνοιγω = I open
ἀνοιξω future of ἀνοιγω = I will open
ἀνεωξα aor active of ἀνοιγω = I opened
ἀνεωγα perf active of ἀνοιγω = I have opened
ἀνεωγμαι perf m/p of ἀνοιγω = I have been opened
ἀνεωχθην aor passive of ἀνοιγω = I was opened
δεχομαι present of δεχομαι = I receive
δεξομαι future of δεχομαι = I will receive
ἐδεχαμην aor active of δεχομαι = I received
δεδεγμαι perfect m/p of δεχομαι = I have received
ἐδεχθην aor passive δεχομαι = I have been received
θελω present of θελω = I want
θελησω future of θελω = I will want
ἠθελησα aor active of θελω = I wanted
ἠθεληθην aor passive of θελω = I was wanted
θνησκω present of θνησκω = I die
θανουμαι future of θνησκω = I will die
ἐθανον aor active of θνησκω = I died
τεθνηκα perf active of θνησκω = I have died
κραζω present of κραζω = I cry out
κραξω future of κραζω = I will cry out
ἐκραξα aor active of κραζω = I cried out
κεκραγα perf active of κραζω = I have cried out
πιπτω present of πιπτω = I fall
πεσουμαι future of πιπτω = I will fall
ἐπεσαν aor active of πιπτω = I fell
πεπτωκα perf active of πιπτω = I have fallen
πινω present of πινω = I drink
πιομαι future of πινω = I will drink
ἐπιον aor active of πινω = I drank
πεπωκα perf active of πινω = I have drunk
ἐποθην aor passive of πινω = (it) was drunk
φαινω present of φαινω = I shine/appear
φανω future of φαινω = I will shine/appear
ἐφανα aor active of φαινω = I shined/appeared
ἐφανην aor passive of φαινω = I appeared
φερω present of φερω = I carry
οἰσω future of φερω = I will carry
ἠνεγκον aor active of φερω = I carried
ἐνηνοχα perf active of φερω = I have carried
ἠνεχθην aor passive of φερω = I was carried
ἀπολλυμι present of ἀπολλυμι = I destroy/ruin
ἀπολεσω/ ἀπολω future of ἀπολλυμι = I will destroy/ruin
ἀπωλεσα aor active of ἀπωλεσα = I destroyed/ruined
ἀπολλυμαι present of ἀπολλυμαι = I perish
ἀπολουμαι future of ἀπολλυμαι = I will perish
ἀπωλομην aor active of ἀπολλυμαι = I perished
ἀπολωλα perf active of ἀπολλυμαι = I have perished
μανθανω I learn
ἐμαθον I learned
μεμαθηκα I have learned
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