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Community ch9

Community chapter 9 review

_______________ is the knowledge, values, practices, customs, and beliefs of a group. Culture
T or F? Culture is inherited? False - Culture is learned
T or F? Culture is private? False - Culture is shared
T or F? Culture is dynamic and ever changing True
Cultural ______________ is an attitude of openness to, respect for, and curiosity about different cultural values and traditions. Cultural competence
Round brown bruises often found on patients' backs can be caused by the cultural practice known as fire ____________ Cupping p 162
Cultural ______________ refers to providing culturally appropriate health services to disadvantaged groups while stressing dignity and avoiding institutional racism and repressive practices Cultural Safety
Cultural ____________ requires community health nurses to continually self-evaluate and critique their own cultural assumptions and advocate for their clients in nonpaternalistic ways. Cultural humility
T or F? One way for nurses to practice cultural humility is to: 1) ask open ended questions about beliefs and practices of the client and family and 2)ask about traditions. True
T or F? Ethnocentrisum is defined as an assumption that everyone shares your cultural vlaues, or an opinion that your cultures is superior to others True
______________ is a group sharing some practices, language, or other characteristics in common within a larger society that does not share those characteristics SubCulture
T or F? Bisexuality can be considered an example of a subculture. True - subcultues can be grouped by occupation, age, sexual orientation, avocation, socioeconomic status, religion or other common characteristic.
T or F? Race can be thought of as a subculture? True
What is the first imperative of cultural competence? To be competent in one's own cultural heritage.
T or F? different cultural world views tend to have different ideas about the attribution of illness or what causes disease. True
T or F. People from various cultures eat very similar combinations of food groups so it's not as important to consider diet in regards to cultues. False - it is crucial to consider a patient's culture when addressing diet.
What are two important forms of nonverbal communication that varies by culture? 1- eye contact 2- personal space
Western European and us cultures speak linearly or nonlinearly (direct narrations with a beginning, middle and end)? Linearly
T or F? Hispanic immigrants tend to view time in a less linear and perishable commodity than Anglo-Americans do. True
T or F? Regardless of culture, it is important to know what a patient's role they fulfill at home because it may affect the significance of their illness and treament. True
Created by: agwharton