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Nursing Term-Week 5

Channel Term used in communication to denote the medium selected to convey the message
Communication Receiving, interpreting and expressing spoken, written and nonverbal messages
Content The literal information conveyed
Empathy Intellectually identifying with the way another person feels
Feedback Verbal and nonverbal evidence that the message is received and understood
Interpersonal Communication that occurs between two or more people with the goal to exchange messages
Intrapersonal Communication techniques or self-talk to enhance positive interaction with the patient or family
Message Term used in communication to denote the actual physical product of the source
Nonverbal Communication Exchange of information without using words
Pacing The speed and rhythm of the delivery
Personal Space External environment surrounding a person that is regarded as being part of that person
Process The act of sending, receiving, interpreting and reacting to a message
Receiver (decoder) Term used in communication that specifies the person or object to which the message is directed
Relationship Interaction of people over time
Sender (encoder) Term used in communication that specifies the person who is directing the message
Verbal Communication Exchange of information using words
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