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Essn test 1

Pharmacology study of drugs and their origin,nature, properties and effects on living things
Drug chemical substance taken into the body that affects body function
Antitussives medication that suppresses coughing
Antidepressants medication used to treat patients with various types of depression
Anticonvulsants medications used to reduce the number or severity of seizures in patients with epilepsy
Antihistamines medications that provide symptomatic relief of allergic symptoms caused by histamine release
Therapeutic effect desired effect that helps the patient
Toxic effect amount that causes harm to the patient
Lethal effect amount that will kill the patient
Antacid agent that neutralizes gastric hydrochloric acid
Antipyretic used to reduce fever
Antihypertensive medication used in the treatment and management of all degrees of hypertension
Stimulant examples caffeine, adderall
Analgesic medication used to relieve pain
Pharmokinetics what happens to drugs as they move through the body
Anorexiants appetite suppressants
Antiviral used to treat viruses
Antibiotics used to kill infections
Prototype drug classified drugs by category
Legend drug drug made into a prescription due to possible harmful side effects if taken indiscriminately
USP/NF 2 reference books used in the standards for making each drug ( United States Pharmacopia, National Formulary)
Trade name the name by which a pharmaceutical company identifies its product (capitalized)
Generic name common or general name assigned to the drug by the USAN council(never capitalized)
Chemical name the exact molecular formula of the drug
FDA Food & Drug Admission, responsible for approval of products on the market
DEA Drug Enforcement Agency regulates controlled substances, enforce laws against illegal drug manufacturing and activities
PDR Physicians Desk Reference, most widely used reference book for drugs in current use
OTC Over the counter,no purchasing restrictions
Controlled Substance Act 1970 established the DEA as bureau of the Dept of Justice to enforce the provisions of the act
Drug indications list of medical conditions of diseases for which the drug is meant to be used
Drug actions descriptions of the cellular changes that occur as a result of the drug
Drug contradictions list of conditions for which the drug should not be given
Drug cautions list of conditions or types of patients that warrant closer observation for specific side effects when given the drug
Side effects list of possible unpleasant or dangerous secondary effects other than the desired effect
Wasting narcotics must have another licensed person to watch you discard the drug. Never down a drain
Giving narcotics verify who the patient is by two different methods
Drug standards rules set to assure consumers they get what they pay for
1906 Pure Food & Drug Act first government attempt to establish consumer protection in the manufacturing of drugs and foods. *required all drugs to marketed to meet minimal standards of strength, purity and quality
PDR white company or manufacturer index
PDR pink trade and generic names -product name index -alphabetical order
Who can write prescriptions? Physicians assistant, Nurse practitioner, Veterinarian, registered pharmacologists
Schedule C-I High abuse potential, no approved medical use, limited medical use: heroin, marijuana
Schedule C-II controlled substances,high abuse potential,may lead to severe dependence*no refills *no phone orders:morphine,codeine
Schedule C-III May lead to limited dependence, may refill 5x in 6 months: anabolic steroids
Schedule C-IV lower abuse potential,prescription may be written by healthcare providers but must be signed by physician: Valium, ativan, ambien, phenobarbital
Schedule C-V lowest abuse potential,may vary between state, cough suppressants containing codeine: Robitussin AC, lomitol
Who can dispense and manufacture drugs? Anyone with a DEA #, drug companies and laboratories
Created by: mariavaldez77