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Funds-Admin Inject

Unit III-J

What is the range of syringe size? 0.5-60mL
What syringe size range is usually adequate for a SQ or IM injectin? 1-3mL
What is the capacity of a TB syringe? 1mL
Most insulin syringes are designed to be used with what type of Insulin? U-100 strength insulin
What are the three things that determine which needle to use? 1. size 2. weight 3. type
What are the six steps for mixing med from two vials? 1. Aspirate the volume of air equivalent to the dose of the first med. 2.Inject the air into vial A 3. Aspirate air equivalent to the dose of 2nd medication. 4. Inject air into Vial B 5. Wdraw medication from Vial B 6. Wdraw med from Vial A
What should be done before drawing up insulin dose? gently roll all cloudy insulin preps bewteen the palms of the hands to resuspend the insulin
Why should insulin vials never be shaken? Shaking creates air bubbles and results in inaccurate dosing
When should insulin be mixed with another drug? Never. Unless it is approved by the prescriber.
What two types of Insulin should never be mixed with other Insulin? glargine (Lantus) detemir (Levemir)
Which Insulin should be admin.within 15 minutes before a meal? rapid-acting insulins mixed with NPH insulin
When injecting LMWH, what are the sites of injecting? right or left sides of the abdomin at least 2 inches from the umbilicus (<3 handles)
What are sites recommended for SQ injection? Fatty places. (upper Arms, belly, thighs, top of butt, upper back)
What do you do when there is an air bubble in a prefilled syringe of LMWH Nothing. Do not expel the air.
What needle and syringe is used for U-100 Insulin? U-100 Insulin syringe 25-31 gauge needle
When giving U-500 Insulin what syringe should be used? 1 mL TB syringe
What does rotating the (insulin) injections within the same site usually do? Provides more consistency in the absorption of insulin.
No injection site should be used again for at least how long (when injecting Insulin)? at least 1 month
List the sites of insulin injection according to rate of absorption (quickest to slowest) Abdomen Arms Thighs Buttocks
Why is the Z-track method used? to minimize local skin irritation by sealing the medication in muscle tissue
An IM injection given Z-Tracks has what kind of muscle as it's preference? large deep muscle (ventrogluteal muscle)
How long after injecting (using ztrack method) do you keep the needle inserted? 10 seconds. to allow the med to disperse evenly rather than channeling back up the track of the needle.
Created by: kluiz777@aol.com