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Apologia LA 2

What is an animal with hair called? mammal
Do mammals or reptiles cew there food? mammals
What are the four major kinds of teeth God created for mammals? Incisors, canines, premolars, and molars.
What is the outer layer of skin that has hair on it called? epidermis
What is the layer of skin that gets bruised and bleeds found under the epidermis called? dermis
True or False: Most of a mammal's epidermis is made of dead tissue. true
The ____________ also houses several very important glands. dermis
The organs in the body that make and release chemicals are called _____________. glands
Animals have scent glands in their dermis that release _________________. odors
Communication by ________________ is very important for many animals, including mammals. smell
True or False: Sweating is what mammals do to cool off. true
What do carnivoras eat? meat
What are the two group that Carnivors can be split into? Caniforms and feliforms
What are caniforms? dog-like carnivores
What are feliforms? cat-like carnivores
The one dog, usually a male, who is the leader is called the _____________. alpha male
What is the alpha female? The mate to the alpha male.
This type of gene will win; its information will be used. dominant
What is the form in which DNA stores information? genes
What is the milecule that exists in every living creature and stores information that helps the creature be what it is supposed to be? DNA
This gene will not be used when the dominant gene is present. recessive
This species of wolf is thriving. They are night hunters and are often alone. coyotes
What type of animals walk on their toes, giving them the ability to run swiftly? digitigrades
What type of dog lives in Japan and looks like a large raccoon? raccoon dog
This type of canine have been pests for livestock farmers and a source of fear for travelers at night. wolves
What type of canine lives in the arctic regions of Europe, Asia, North America, Greenland and Iceland? Arctic Fox
What type of canine is very social and lives in packs of up to 100 animals and is often called the "painted wolf". African wild dog
What is the name of the Australian canine that was once pet dogs woned by Indonesian traders who fished in the waters of Australia thousands of years ago? Dingoes
When an animal changes its diet to fit changes in its surroundings we call it an ______________ feeder. opportunistic
This canine can live in cities. It looks like a small wolf with really big ears. jackal
What type of canine that can eat anything, although it prefers small animals? red fox
What characteristics do mammals have? They have hair, are chordates with backbones, warm-blooded, breathe oxygen, and nurse their young with mother's milk.
What sense do dogs use the most? smell
Body postures, facial expressions, and scent are all ways dog do what? communicate