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Geography Unit1


movement relates to How are people and places related
Geographic theme considered with where is it? Location
A political map is designed to show the boundaries between countries and often-smaller divisions.
Geographers use history to help them understand. the way places looked in the past.
The prime meridian 0ยบ longitude
A compass rose shows cardinal directions
Imaginary lines that circle parallel to each other latitude
Geographic theme that concerned with religion, language, and cultural background place
Physical feature of the earths surface are called topography
culture way of life
A region that is characterized by boundaries determined by distribution of a uniform characteristic Uniform region
A Mercator projection gives an accurate depiction of shapes
a gall-peters projection shows sizes of landmasses accurately
a drawing that shows what something is or how it is done diagram
bar graphs are generally used to show comparisons
relative location of a place may be concerned with relation to other places
to show the distribution of natural gas fields within the united states the most accurate map to use would be natural resource map
because geography studies the processes that shape the earths environment it is a physical science
20. during the last 1 to 2 million years the earth has passed through how many eras where large areas covered with ice four eras
A conic projection shows mid-latitude
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