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Org Structure;

Leadership Ch 12

Oraganizing Second phase of management process. Establishes formal structures.
Fayol Said that an organization is formed when the group is large enough to require a supervisor
Formal vs informal structure Formal defines managerial authority, responsibility, accountability, etc. Informal is generally social, with loose authority, managerial aspects and accountability
Max Weber Father of organizational theory, developed most characteristics of bureaucracy. Wrote from standpoint of manager rather than subordinate
What is legal-rational authority? Obedience is liable to rules rather than ruler or authority (figure). Main idea of bureaucracy
Bureaucracy Institutional method for applying general rules to specific cases in order to keep things fair and predictable
Bureaucracy must have what 3 things? Division of labor, Hierarchy of authority, impersonality of interpersonal relationships, system of procedures and rules, employment and promotion based on technical competence
Cowen Said that
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