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science words 44

SCIENTIFIC PROBLEM asking a scientific question. the first step in the scientific method (process)
EXPERIMENT to test a hypothesis by using a controlled set of steps (procedure)
EXPERIMENTAL GROUP the group (or individual) experiment on by changing ONE variable. EG: plant experiment with number. 1 gets water, 1 gets monster. moster plant is experimental group!
CONCLUSION after you analyze results in an experiment you determine your results. you then formulate an answer(conclusion)
RESEARCH use books,people,internet,etc to find information about a (scientific)problem.
EVALUATE to judge the value, importance or quality of something
IDENTIFY determine the name of something
INDEPENDENT VARIABLE variable you change on purpose
CONTROL GROUP "norm" group in an experiment the variable is unchanged. use to compare.
DATA facts,figures and other evidence gathered through observations. qualitative or quantitative.
PRECISE exact measurements. to at least the hundredths place. 1.7632 seconds
ACCURATE measurement that is correct. if the actual measure is 1,7632 yo should not have 6.
THEORY a scientific idea that has not been proven wrong so is generally accepted as correct.
DEPENDENT VARIABLE the variable that changes depending on what has happened to the independent variable.
CROSS CONTAMINATION accidental corruption of data which causes results to be invalid.
PYSICAL CHANGE a change of matter from one form to another
PHYSICAL PROPERTY a characteristic that doesn't involve a chemical change
DENSITY the ratio of mass of a change to a substance
CHEMICAL PROPERTY a property of matter that describes a substance's ability to participate in chemical reactions.
CHEMICAL CAHNGE a change that occurs when one or more substances change into entirely new substances with different properties.
COMPOSITION type of matter that makes up the object and the way that matter is arranged in the object.
REACTIVITY the rate at which a chemical substance tends to undergo a chemical reaction
FLAMABILITY is the ability of a substance to burn.
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