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Greek 201 Hamasaki

Reading Ancient Greek: The Second Year by Ellsworth required vocabulary

αρχιερεύς high priest
αὐλή courtyard; farmyard; court, hall
ἔσω inside, within, + gen.
ἕως until/ till
ζητέω to seek, seek for
θερμαίνω to warm, heat
μαρτυρία testimony
ὅλος whole, entire, complete; (pred) as a whole
ὑπηρέτης servant, assistant
ἀκούω to hear, listen to, +gen. of person or thing heard
ἀποκρίνομαι to answer, reply
ἐπερωτάω to ask, question
ἴσος equal, consistent
ναός temple
σύ you
δεξιός right, on the right side
εἶ you are
ἔτι yet, still; further
κάθημαι to sit, sit down
ὄψομαι I will see
πάλιν back, again; thereupon
υἱός son
χρεία need, nesessity
ἀλέκπωρ cock, rooster
ἀρνέομαι to deny, renounce, disown
βλέπω to see, look
ἐμπτύω to spit on, +dat.
ἐπίσταμαι to know, understand
ἦσθα you were
καλύπτω to cover
πρόσωπον face
φωνέω to call or cry out, shout
δεύτερος second
κλαίω to weep, lament wail; trans: to weep for, lament
μικρός small, little
δέω to tie, bind
ἴδε see! Behold!
κατηγορέω to accuse, to accuse someone(gen.) of something(acc.)
οὐκέτι no more, no longer, no further
θέλω to wish, to be willing
φθόνος envy, jealousy
φονος murder
κακός bad, evil
κράζω to shout, scream, shreak
περισσῶς exceedingly; more, even more
ἀγρός field, country
γόνυ knee
ἐκδύω to strip(clothes)
ἱμάτιον garment: cloak, robe; (plur) clothes
κάλαμος reed; stalk, staff
σταυρός upright stake; cross
χαῖρε Hail! Welcome! Good day! or Farewell! Goodbye!
αἰτια cause, reason; charge, accusation
οἶνος wine
κινέω to set in motion, move, shake: (pass.) to move, stir
ὀνειδίζω to insult, revile, reproach
σεαυτοῦ (2nd person reflexive pronoun, oblique cases) of yourself
σῴζω to save, keep; to keep safe, preserve
βοάω to cry aloud, to shout
ἐκπνέω to breath one's last, expire, die
ἐναντίος opposite, against, contrary
θεός god or goddess
ποτίζω to give someone(acc.) something(acc.) to drink
ἔραμαι to love, to long for, to lust after, desire eagerly, +gen
ἑωυτοῦ (Ion. reflexive pronoun)
κάλλιστος Most beautiful
οὗ (indirect reflexive pronoun): of himself, herself; of him, her
σπουδαῖος serius, important
τοιόσδε such
ὦν (Ion. Postpositive): accordingly, then, therefore
αἰδώς shame, modesty
ἅμα at once, at the same time (prep. Or adv.)
γυμνός naked, without clothes
δεῖ it is necessary, one must (+inf.); there is need of (+gen.)
δεσπότες master, lord, ruler
ἐμός my
ἐών (Ion.) being
ὅπως as, in such manner as; how; that, inorder that; when, whenever
ὀφθαλμός eye
πάλαι long ago; some time ago; just now
σκοπέω to look at, contemplate
ἀμείβω to change, exchange; (mid.): to exchange something with another, to answer, reply
ἐς towards, to
θαρσέω to take courage, be bold
θύρα door
μηδέ but not; and not; nor; not even
μήτε and not
μιν him, her, it
οἴκημα room
πειράομαι to attempt, try; to make trial of (+gen.); to have experience of (+gen.)
σεῦ of you
τοι to/for you
φοβέω to put to flight; to terrify, frighten; (mid./pass.): to fear
αὐτίκα at once, immeadiately
ἑτοῖμος redy, prepared
εὐνή bed, marriage bed, marriage
ἡσυχία stillness, rest silence
κεῖμαι to lie; the act of going to bed
μέλω to be and object of care or matter of concern to (+dat.)
νῶτον the back
πάρειμε to be present, be at hand
παρέχω to hold beside; to furnish, provide
αἰσχύνω to make ugly, disfigure; to dishonor;(pass.): to be ashamed, feel shame
βάρβαρος not Greek, foreign
νόος mind, perception, sense
σχεδόν close, near, (+gen.); nearly, all but, almost, just
ταχύς quick, swift (neut. acc. as adv.)
τίνω to pay; to pay for, repay, to avenge
χωρέω to make room for another, give way; to go or come
ἀπόλλυμι to kill, to destroy utterly
ἀφικνέομαι to arrive, to come
βουλεύω to take counsel, deliberate; to plan, devise
ὁδός road, path, way
πρόσθε(ν) before, formerly; before, inpreference to (+gen)
ἀναγκάζω to force, compel
ἱκετεύω to supplicate, beseech, beg
κτείνω to kill
ὁρμή assault, attack, onset
περ very, just, even (often contracted)
ὑπολαμβάνω to take up by getting under; to answer, reply
κρατύνω to strengthen, to confirm
κρύπτω to hide, cover, conceal
μεθίημι to let go, to let loose, release; to give up, abandon
παύω to cause to cease, to stop
δελφίς dolphin
διατρίβω to spend time
διδάσκω to teach, instruct, train
ἐπιθυμέω to desire, to wish, to long for (+gen)
ἐργάζομαι to work, to do, to perform, to accomplish; earn by working
ὁμολογέω to agree, to agree with(+dat)
σφεῖς (nom. 3rd pl. pro.) they
σφῶν (gen. 3rd pl. pro.) of them
σφίσι(ν) or σφι(ν) (dat. 3rd pl. pro.) to/for them
σφᾶς or σφε (acc. 3rd pl. pronoun) them
ἐκπηδάω to jump out, overboard
ἐπειδή after, when, since
μισθόω to let out for hire (mid. To hire)
νυν then, thereupon, thereafter
ὁρμάω to set in motion
ταφή funeral, burial
χράομαι to use, to make use of (+dat); to experience, to be subject to, live under(+dat); to be intimate with (+dat)
ψυχή life, soul, spirit
δέχομαι to take, accept, receive
νόμος usage, custom, law; tune, song
ὄρθιος straight up, vertical; loud, lively
ῥίπτω to throw, cast
τελευτάω to complete, finish, to bring one's life to an end, die; (intr. To be accomplished; to come to and end, end)
ἄρα then, therefore
εὖ well
χάλκεος of copper or bronze
Created by: chris_ketter



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