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Root Words

Greek and Latin

Phone Sound/Telephone
Phobos Fear/Zoophobia
Thesis Put,Place,Position/Photosynthesis
Graph To write or draw/Telegraph
Logos Word or study/Geology
Skopeo To see/Telescope
Philia Love, Friendship/Philadelphia
Tele Faraway, Distant/Teleport
Kinesis Movement/Kinetics
Tropos Turning/Troposphere
Video/Visum See/Television
Photos Light/Photograph
Syn With, Together/Symphony
Sonus Sound/Sonar
Metron Measure/Meter
Jungo Junctum Join, Unite, Connect/Junction
Bracchium Arm; Bracero
Dens Tooth/Dentist
Corpus Body/Corpse
Verbum Word/Verbose
Nomen/Nominus Name/Nominal
Pro For, Before, Forward, In Place of/Proceed
Unus One/Unit
Prae Before, In front of/Predict
Terra Land/Territory
Cum With, Together/Community
Figo, Fixum Fix, Fasten, Attach/Affix
Digitus Finger, Toe, Inch/Digital
Caput Head/caput
Bonus Good/Bonny
Helios Sun/Helos
Luna Moon/Lunar
Dia Through, Between, Across, Apart /Died
Trans Across, Over, Beyond, Through/Transport
Geo Earth/Geology
Ad To, Toward, Near, Next to/Admire
Manus Hand/Manufacture
Pes, Pedis Foot/Pedal
Pyro Fire/Pyrotechnics
Ignis Fire/Ignite
Vulcanus Fire/Volcano
Hydros Water/Hydrology
Helios Sun/Helios
Sol Sun/Solar
Luna Moon/Lunar
Hypnos Sleep/Hypnosis
Dormio/Dormitum Sleep/Dormant
Jacio/Jactum Throw/Eject
Pono/Positum Lay, Put, Place/Position
duo two/duet
Tres Three/Trio
Quattor Four/Quadruplet
Quinque Five/Quintuplets
Sex Six/Sextuplets
Septem Seven/September
Octo Eight/October
Novem Nine/November
Decem Ten/December
Centum 100/Centipede
Mille 1000/Millepede
Agua Water/Aquarium
Dia Through, Between, Across, Apart/Diagram
Trans Across, Over, Beyond, Through/Transport
Annus Year/Annual
Lithos Stone/Monolith
Petros Rock, Stone/Petroglyph
Astron Star/Astronomy
Stella Star/Stellar
Dendron Tree/Dendrometer
Arbor Tree/Arboretum
Chronos Time/Chronology
Tempus Time/Tempo
Para Beside, Along With/Parallel
Inter Between, Among, Amid/Intervene
Techne Art, Skill/Technology
Ars, Artis Art, Skill/Artist
Bios Life/Biology
Vivo, Victum Live/Vivid
Mikros Small/Microphone
Megas Great big, Large/Megaphone
Magnus Big, Large, Great/Magnify
Pater, Patris Father/Patriarch
Mater, Matris Mother/Matriarch
Frater, Fratris Brother/Fraternity
Demos The People, The Citizens/Democracy
Populus People/Population
Polis City/Metropolis
Urbs, Urbis City/Urban
Pathos Feeling, Suffering/Pathetic
Autos Self/Autograph
Thermos Heat/Thermal
Curro, Cursom Run/Current
Zoon Animal/Zoo
Verto, Versum Turn/Reverse
Facio, Factum Do, make/Factory
Scribo, Scriptum Write/Scribe
Plico, Plicatum Fold/Duplicate
Dico,Dictum See, Say/Dictate
Biblos Book/Bible
Liber, Libri Book/Library
Scio, Scitum Know/Science
Discipulus Student/Disclipline
Sauros Lizard/Dinosaur
Amo, Amatum Love/Amorous
Created by: Kaderick



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