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Community Ch 8

True or false: Health planning occurs on both an ongoing and episodic basis? True
Ongoing health planning occurs within state departments. Name 2 Centers for Disease Control (CDC) National Institutes of Health (NIH)
The timing of health planning depends on the _____________ of the planning agency, the type of assessment data, and the _________ of the health problem. Responsibilities; nature
What program or group has set the priorities for the nation's overall health plan for each decade since 1979? Healthy People
Levels of health planning: What approach starts with local or state level in addressing a health problem? Bottom up approach
Levels of health planning: What approach starts from a regional, national, or global initiative to improve health status? Top Down approach
What group establishes health priorities with input from (and collaboration with) its member nations, the United nations, and other intl agencies? The World Health Organization
Seeks to build a more equitable world society through a partnership between rich and poor nations with the goals to eliminate extreme poverty in the world by 2015. The Millennium Development Goals
Who is associated with the Healthy People series? Smith
Why do we need state departments of public health? Federal government depends on state to care for local citizens (top-down).
The national health agenda that communicates a vision and a strategy for improving the health of the nation's population and achieving health equity is known as ___________ Healthy People 2020
A systematic process that uses several approaches including key informant interviews, analysis of data on health status and health behavior indicators, observation,and community surveys is known as a __________ _____________ assessment Community Health assessment
What is the goal of a community health assessment? To identify the community health problems that are priorities for intervention, as well as community resources to address each health problem or need.
Providing health promotion in the community is what form of care? Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary? Primary
Person knowledgeable about specific aspects of a problem and the community's current and past attempts to addre3ss it is known as a ____________ _______________ Key informant
Group of consumers, health professionals, policy makers, and others working together to improve community health status and or solve a specific community health problem is a __________________ Coalition
An individual, organization or group that has an interest in a specific community health issue or the outcome of a community level intervention is a __________ ____________ Stake holder
T or F? A community of interest is specifically a small scale geographical region. False - the community of interest may be an entire nation, state, county, or city on the basis of geographical or political boundaries.
Differences in health status health status that result from 1) systematic disadvantages in access to basic needs or health care services or 2) systemic deficiencies in the organization and delivery of healthcare services due to financing problems is Health Disparities
Health ____________ is based on the principles of fiarness and social justice, as well as the belief that all people have an equal value. Health equity
_________ ___________ refers to an equitable sharing of both the common burdens and the common benefits or advantages in society. Social justice
T or F? The purpose of using levers of change is to decrease driving forces and/or to increase restraining forces FAlse - The purpose of using levers of chagne is to increase driving forces and/or to decrease restraining forces.
Whose theory of change envisioned planned organizational change as a three-step process of unfreezing, changing, and refreezing? Karl Lewin
In Lewin's model of change, what is the first step? Unfreezing
Model of Change: ____________ moves a community from the stage of denial or lack of awareness toof the need to change a condition or to address an issue to a stage of preplanning or preparation for change. Unfreezing
Who said, "A round man cannot be expected to fit in a square hole right away. He must have time to modify his shape?" Mark Twain
In Lewin's model of change, what is the 2nd stage? Changing
Model of Change: Once a community is aware of the need for change or dissatisfied with the current conditions through growing awareness or crisis, this process begins: __________ Changing
In Lewin's model of change, what is the 3rd stage? Refreezing
What must always be a concern when planning changes in health beliefs, knowledge, behavior, or social conditions? Sustainability
What type of analysis involves identifying factors within a community or organization that are driving or reinforcing change in the desired direction as well as those that are restraining or resisting change? Force Field Analysis
Who developed Force field analysis? Karl Lewin
In the example of the force field analysis of influenza immunization in Hispanic adults aged 50 and above, what becomes the norm between forces driving change and the forces restraining change (Fig 8.4 p 145) Status Quo
What needs to be considered in selecting the most appropriate types and levels of interventions for community changes? Assessing the community's readiness to change.
In the force field analysis example of influenza immunizations in hispanic adults, Fear of needles, Language barriers, and lack of transportation are: forces that drive change or forces restraining change? Forces that restrain change
T or F? Community participation in all steps of the change process hinders the potential for the program success and sustained changes in community health status. False - Community participation helps increase the potential for program success.
A ____________ model for a community health program is a visual representation of the logic behind the operation of the program. Logic model
Community health program Logic model: who will receive services is the _____________ _____________ Target population
Community health program Logic model: What will be done is the _____________ Activities
Community health program Logic model: _______________ tells when it will happen Timeline
IN the SMART program objective, S stands for _________________ Specific
IN the SMART program objective, M stands for ____________________ Measureable
IN the SMART program objective, A stands for ___________________ Achievable
IN the SMART program objective, R stands for _______________ Relevant
IN the SMART program objective, T stands for ________________ Time bound
Is the following an example of SMART or not SMART? The number of older minority residents of River city receiving a flu shot will double. Not SMART (not specific, no timeline) p 149
Is the following an example of SMART or not SMART? Fewer teens will stop smoking. Not Smart
Is the following an example of SMART or not SMART? The program will reduce teen pregnancy. Not Smart
Is the following an example of SMART or not SMART? The number of births to girls aged 19 and younger in River City will be reduced by 20% from 40 births in 2010 to 32 or fewer in 2015. SMART
Project funding usually comes from one of the following three sources: 1. 2. 3. 1. Government agencies 2. Private foundations 3. Local resources (banks and businesses, etc.)
Community benefit programs focus on what type of prevention? Primary prevention
Community Benefit programs seeks collaboration with community ________________ as full partners. Stakeholders
The goal of social marketing is to _____________ ______________ Change behavior
T or F? Small changes at the community level or population level are helpful but don't have the potential to create significant change in the health status of a community. False. Small changes do have the potential for significant change.
Public policies such as tax increases on tobacco, alcohol, or soft drinks; enforcement of seat belt use; or tax incentives for clean energy can serve as _________ ______________ to bring about change in community health status. Policy levers
T or F? The technique of mapping the web of causation can help the community health nurse identify multiple determinants of a community health probelm. True
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