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30 SAT Vocab Words


Admonish Warn strong
Adversary Enemy, opponent
Animosity A feeling of Ill will, a rousing active hostility
Apprehension Nervousness, fear
Authoritarian Having complete control over many people
Blasphemy Disrespect toward God or something sacred
Blithe Merry, carefree
Comprehensive Covering completely, having broad scope
Conciliatory Agreeable, friendly, appeasing
Debilitate To weaken
Depravity Corruption, evil
Deterrent Something that prevents or discourages an act
Devious Tricky, crooked
Didactic Intended to teach, informative, instructive
Diminution The act of decreasing
Discriminating Selecting carefully, judicious
Disinclination Tending to avoid, aversion
Dispassionite Not emotionally involved, objective
Disputatious Tending to avoid
Disseminate To spread or give out
Dissonance Clashing sounds
Dubious Doubtful
Duplicity Speakiness
Elaborate Expand an explanation to include more details
Elusive Hard to catch or understand
Emaciated Extremely thin
Engender Cause to exist
Epic Large in scope or size
Equanimity Calmness
Equivocal Misleading
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