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Deviance and Social Control

deviance any behavior or physical appearance that is socially challenged and/or condemned because it departs from the norms
stigma labels society uses to devalue members of certain social groups
claims makers those who articulate and promote claims and benefitin some way if their claims are accepted as true
components of deviance is relative and context dependent, defined through power, and changes over time in society
social control functions to maintain social organization and social relationships when important norms are violated
censorship action to prevent information believe to be sensitive, unstable, or threatening from reaching an audience
surveillance monitoring movements, conversations and associations of those believed to be or about to be engaged in wrongdoing
functionalist view of social control it is indispensable
conflict theorists view of social control it is a tool of powerful groups
conformity going along with peers who have no special right to direct behavior
obedience compliance with higher authorities in an hierarchical society (e.i. Milgram's shock experiment)
group think a phenomenon that occurs when a group under great pressure to take action achieves the illusion of consensus by putting pressure on its members to behave in ways they may not otherwise, and to ignore the moral consequences of their actions
Created by: Nicolekr