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essential of med vc

vc lvn essentials of meds test

stimulant (examples given in class) caffeine, adderall
antiviral medication used to treat viruses, for example HIV, herpes
antacid agent that neutralizes gastric hydrochlorine
when must drug names be capitalized? trade name
when will the drug names be in lowercase? generic
drug a substance taken into the body that affects bodily functions
trade name given by drug company differentiated from generic name
chemical name the formula of the drug
OTC over the counter
PDR physicians drug reference
DEA drug enforcement administration
what are drug standards all preparations called by the same name must be of uniform
what is the 1906 pure food drug act 1st legislation in the U.S.
antitussives cough suppressant
legend drug federal law prohibits dispensing without a prescription.
know who and who can't write prescriptions for meds Dentists, veterinarians, physicians, PA, RNPs, RPHs
know what the different parts in color are for in the PDR White-(company or manufacture index) Pink-(trade and generic name index alphabetical)
what did the 1906 pure food and drug act require? all drugs to meet minimal standards of strength, quality and purity (label container if dangerous)
what is the 1906 pure food and drug act for? protects consumer for what they buy
therapeutic effect a drug that someone takes that will help with therapy. examples tylenol, ibuprofen
antidepressants medications used to treat patients with various types of depression sometimes called mood elevators
brand name generic
FDA food and drug administration
rules of nurses giving narcotics must have keys to open area where narcotics are kept. must log information in book.
rules of nurses for wasting narcotics wasting meds you must have a witness watch you dispose of any meds/you and the witness will need to sign the waste log
controlled substance act established the DEA set tighter controls on specific group of drugs. Those being abused by society.
Lethal Effect Effect of the medication that can be lethal if given (death)
toxic effect allergic reaction to a medication that will cause a toxic effect.
generic name common name-differentiated from trade name by initial lowercase letter.
remember many anti-inflammatories drugs have to be used with caution because they cause stomach upset, burning or irritation acetaminophen, ibuprofen
trade name name given by a company copyrighted differentiated from generic name by capitalized initial letter.
anticonvulsants schedule IV phenobarbitol helps with seizures
USP/NF United States Pharmacopeia/National formulary
antipyretic fever reducer (tylenol, aspirin)
antihypertensive blood pressure meds
analgesic relieves pain (tylenol, demerol, aspirin)
antihistamines allergy meds
antibiotic kill infection
prototype drug model example a drug that typifies the characteristics of that classification
pharmacology study of drugs and their origin, nature, properties and effects on living organism.
anorexiants appetite suppressants
pharmokinetics what happens to the drug as it moves throughout the body
who can dispense and manufacture a controlled drug dispense-must have a DEA # Manufacture-Pharmaceutical companies.
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