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dobinski person/care

dobinski personal care unit

skin body's raincoat
epidermis outer layer of skin
melanin substance that gives color to your skin
acne skin problem common to teenagers
wart small growth on skin caused by a virus
boil skin infection accompanied by swelling, redness and bacteria
cold sore blister usually near the lips
melanoma skin cancer
hangnail splits in the cuticle along the edge of the nail
ingrown toenail when the nail pushes into the skin on the side of the toe
spf sun protection factor
athletes foot fungus that thrives in the moisture of your feet
podiatrist foot doctor
dermatologist skin doctor
optometrist eye doctor
dandruff flaking of the outer layer of dead skin cells usually caused by dry scalp
head lice parasitic insects that live in the hair
posture the way you sit, stand and walk
toothbrush should be replaced every 8 to 12 weeks
personal care all the things you do in order to give yourself a healthy outward appearance
care label instructions how to launder a garment
drip dry do not put garment in the dryer
dry clean take garment to a professional cleaner
cuticle the nonliving skin that surrounds the edges of the fingernails and toenails
manicure taking care of your hands
pedicure taking care of your feet
perspiration sweat
eye exam every 18 months to two years
dental check up two times a year
Created by: tdobinski