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Latin Unit V Exam

4 way cards for Unit V Vocab

deus dei m god
finitimus finitimi m neighbor
liber liberi m book
otium oti m leisure, peace
poeta poetae m poet
praesidium praesidi m gaurd protection
proelium proeli m battle
sententia sententiae f feeling, opinion, motto
studium studi m eagerness, interest, study
ventus venti m wind
verbum verbi m word
commodus commoda commodum commodum suitable, convenient
finitimus finitina finitimum m. neighboring
firmus firma firmum strong firm
medius media medium middle, middle of
pauci paucae pauca few, a few
perpetuus perpetua perpetuum constant
plenus plena plenum level flat
reliquus reliqua reliquum remaining, rest of
tardus tarda tardum late slow
varius varia varium changing various
afficio afficere affeci affectus affect, afflict with
appelloappellare apperlazi appellarus call, name
audio auidire audivi auditus hear
committocommittere commisi somissus join together
contineo conrinere continui contiotentus hold together
convenio convenire conveni conventurus come together
convoco convocare convocavi convocatus call together
dico dicere dixi dictus say,tell
fugio fugere fugi fugiturus run away, flee
gero gerere gessi gestus carry on, wage
incipio incipere incepi inceptus take on, begin
lego legere legi lectus gather read
propero propere propavi propaturus hasten
reduco reucere reduxi reductus lead back
scribo scribere cripsi scriptus write
traho trahere traxi tractus draw, drag
valeo valere valui valitus be well/strong
ita so,yes
numquam never
cum with
aut or
aut...aut either...or both...and
neque or nec neither
neque...neque neither...nor
-que -and
gratias agere to thank
gratiam habaere feel grateful
vitam agere live a life
bellum gerere wage or carry on war
castra ponere pitch camp
viam munire build a road
verba facere make speech
memoria tenere remember
consilium capere adopt a plan
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