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Psych Vocab

Psych Words to Know

Ambivalence Simultaneously holding two opposing views (schizophrenia)
Autism Thinking not bound to reality (private perceptions of pts own world)(schizophrenia)
Associative Looseness Jumbled, illogical speech;disorganized thinking;impaired reasoning (schizophrenia)
Delusion incorrect view of reality
Anergia Lack of energy
Anhedonia Lack of motivation
Perseveration Repetition of phrases/behaviors
Confabulation creation of stories/answers to fill voids (unconscious attempt; person NOT trying to be deceitful)
Hallucinations Hearing/seeing something that does not exist
Illusion Error in perception (TV cord on bed=snake)
Agnosia Failure to identify objects
Apraxia Impaired ability to carry out motor activities; no impairment
Aphasia Difficulty speaking
Tardive Dyskinsia Twisting, writhing movements of face/tongue; difficulty eating/swallowing--irreversible, no tx; late EPS
Akathisia Pacing, squirming, uncontrollable need to move, tx:beta-blockers&benzos; early EPS
Parkinsonism Slow movement, drooling, tremors, shuffling gait. Tx: antiparkinson drugs; early EPS
Acute Dystonia Severe spasms of tongue/face/cheeks/deviation of eyes. Tx: Benadryl IM or IV. Early EPS
Avolition Decrease in movement
Alogia Absence of speech
Derealization False perception that environment has changed
Depersonalization Feel they have lost body part or it has changed
Word Salad Jumble of words that is meaningless
Clang Association Rhyming/Similar sounds
Echopraxia Miming another's movements
Echolalia Repeating another's words
Neologism Made up words or different meaning for a word
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