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Skills Ch 10-13

Apnea a period of no respiration
Living will a specific document indicating what the patient does and does not want medically done should an end of life event occur
Advance Directive a type of document in which a competent individual can make known any end-of-life
Postmortem Care The care provided to the body after death
Circumoral cyanosis Cyanosis around the mouth
Role Reversal Children become the caregiver of their parents
Comorbidity Having multiple diseases
Euthanasia To knowingly administer an unsafe dosages of medication for the purpose of ending the patient's life
Mottling Patches of varying colors of pallor and cyanosis of the feet, legs, hands, and dependent areas of the body
Palliative care Comfort care that does not cure the disease
Respite Care To make arrangements for provision of care so the the family members may have a time to get away, rest, and rejuvenate without the strain and worry of continual caregiving
Grief The mental and emotional distress and suffering that one experiences with death and loss
DNR An order written by the patient's physician meaning that, should the patient's heart and respirations cease, no cardiopulmonary resuscitation or other efforts to restart the heart and breathing should be performed
Durable Power of attorney A legal court document that grants the authority, usually a relative or trusted friend, to make health care decisions and act as proxy for the patient should the patient become disabled
Hospice The type of care not intended to cure the patient's disease but is available to assist the patient and family during the last months of life of the patient
Curative Care Medications,treatments, and various therapies are provided with the intent of healing or curing a patient's illness
Cheyne-Stokes A cycle of both shallow and deep respirations
Kubler Ross's 5 stages of grief Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance
Signs that death is near Anorexia, Anxiety/fear, Cachexia, Confusion/delirium
Signs that death is near Constipation, Diarrhea, Dyspnea, Fatigue
Signs that death is near Nausea and Vomiting, Pain, Sadness/depression, weakness
Holism Relationships among all living things
Alternative therapy Therapy used instead of conventional treatment
Allopathic medicine Term used to describe traditional medicine, conventional medicine or Western medicine
Meridians Energy pathways in the body
Complementary therapy Therapy used along with conventional treatment
Integrative Health Care The use of Western medicine and CAM in a coordinated way
Chiropractic Type of CAM with a combination of two Greek words which mean"done by hand"
Massage Therapy Application of stroking, pressure, friction, and kneading to muscles and other soft tissue to relax muscles and decrease stress
Acupuncture The ancient practice of inserting fine needles into carefully selected points along meridians of the body
Yoga A mind-body intervention used to decrease the negative effects of stress through the use of breathing exercises, physical postures, and medication
Acupressure Blend of acupuncture and pressure that is a part of traditional Chinese medicine.
Aloe Vera Skin Problems
Capsaicin Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, diabetic neuropathy, and shingles
Chamomile induces sleep and reduces stomach upset
Echinacea Antiviral agent to prevent cold or flu
Feverfew antianflammatory, migraines
Garlic helps reduce total blood cholesterol and bad cholesterol in 4-12 weeks
Ginger Nausea and vomiting
Gingko Memory enhancement and to treat dementia
Ginseng Cholesterol and heart, lower blood sugar in type 2 diabetes
St. John's Wart Depression
Saw palmetto used to treat enlarged prostate,and improve symptoms of difficult urination
Soy Decrease Cholesterol, low density lipo-density proteins, and to treat hot flashes
Valerian Insomnia
Peppermint Irritable bowel syndrome and decrease intestinal spasms before/after endoscopic procedures, combined with caraway oil, Heartburn
Auditory learner Learning by hearing and listening
Kinesthetic learner Learning by touching and doing
Visual learner Learning by seeing, reading,and watching
Health Promotion Teaching patients about getting regular exercise, making healthy food choices, and drinking enough water
Wellness Strategies This teaching emphasizes changing unhealthy practices
Teachable moment An opportune time to impart information, such as when a patient ask about their illness or treatment
Reinforce When you repeat information several times
Interpreter Used when a patient cannot speak English well or at all
Learning Occurs when behavior change is the outcome
Respirations Stops before the heart when a patient dies.
PASS Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep
RACE Rescue, Alarm, Confine, Extinguish,
Diabetes Complications Poor circulation, delayed healing, Heart disease, Kidney disease, neuropathy, retinopathy
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation Actions to restart the heart or breathing in an unresponsive victim who has no pulse or respirations
Leg Monitor A monitor that attaches to the patient and generates an alarm when the leg is in a dependent positon
Restraint alternatives Less restrictive ways to help patients remember not to get up or to alert the nursing staff if a patient is attempting to do so
Ambulate Walk
Mass Casualty event (MCE) Public health or medical emergency that involves thousands of victims
Rescue breathing Breathing for a person in respiratory arrest who still has a pulse
Chair or bed monitor Pressure-sensitive device that generates an alarm when the patient's weight is no longer sensed
Heimlich maneuver An action to relieve choking by thrusting just below the xiphoid process
Joint Commission Organization responsible for evaluating and accrediting health care organizations and programs in the united states
Fall Assessment rating Scale A form that gives a numerical rating for each patient's risk for falls
Restraints Vests, Jackets or bands with connected straps that are tied to the bed, chair, or wheelchair to keep the patient safe.
Code Team A group of specially trained personnel designated to respond to codes throughout the hospital
Body Mechanics Refers to the movement of the muscles of the body for balance and leverage.
Center of gravity Middle point of the body, below the umbilicus and above the pubis, around which its mass is distributed
Base of Support Refers to feet and lower legs
Material safety data sheet A document containing information about potential harm caused by exposure to a chemical and the directions for what to do if the product gets on your skin or in your eyes or your mouth
Level l(Preventive fall precautions 0-24
Level ll (Modified fall risk) 25-50
Level lll(Strict fall risk) >51
Type A extinguisher for Paper, wood, fabric and trash fires
Type b extinguisher for combustible liquids oil, gasoline, and other petroleum based products and flammable gasses
Type c extinguisher for electrical fires such as wires, motors and equipment
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