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Court Reporting


cumbersome burdensome
encroach trespass
profuse bountiful
assuage appease
disconsolate downhearted
infuse pervade
digress branch
caprice whim
sustenance nourishment
obsequious servile
implacable unappeasable
surfeit excess
glib slick
spurious false
propensity tendency
flagrant glaring
flaccid flabby
equitable fair
delude mislead
augur soothsayer
invigorate enliven
seedling young plant
inpediment obstacle
frugal thrifty
ardent passionate
adversity misfortune
oblique slanting
vigilance watchfulness
demure modest
imminent impending
molten melted
compress condense
curb restrain
haughty arrogant
endow bestow
ebb decline
gaunt lean
prodigal extravagant
chide scold
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