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Court Reporting


smite strike
maelstrom whirlpool
undulate swing
ruminate ponder
lope gallop
farce comedy
scourge whip
pernicious lethal
virulent poisonous
impasse deadlock
hoodwink trick
palanquin litter
lien garnish
sentience consciousness
reticent taciturn
noxious harmful
volatile unstable
prescience foreknowledge
vulpine cunning
thespian actor
immaculate spotless
rogue scoundrel
polemic argumentative
boorish ill-mannered
hue color
warp bend
rubicund ruddy
tacit silent
vow pledge
shrewd clever
onus burden
keelhaul scold
thrash beat
epistle letter
stentorian very loud
brier bush
stunt hinder
pastoral rustic
stolid inpassive
glutton voracious eater
voracious greedy
fungible interchangeable
sycophant toady
unseemly inappropriate
inordinate excessive
expiate atone
equanimity composure
ebullient effervescent
tortuous crooked
ingenuous naive
dissemble feign
blandishment flattery
deflect divert
gamut range
opprobrious shameful
adjunct addition
deleterious harmful
temerity rashness
nefarious wicked
perfidious treacherous
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