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Court Reporting


substantiate prove
broach suggest
vim vitality
profligate libertine
contemn scorn
abstinence teetotalism
draconian severe
vituperate berate
prorogue postpone
jovial jolly
purloin steal
strident vociferous
lament regret
sacrament ritual
feeble week
moderate reasonable
hummock knoll
slake satisfy
solvent creditworthy
peripatetic itinerant
resent be offended
tedious dull
rectitude integrity
militant aggressive
caustic acrimonious
ulterior hidden
spare thin
nemesis retribution
primp adorn
haphazard coincidental
necropolis cemetery
blithe cheerful
assay test
fervent earnest
abate lessen
hypocritical insincere
recondite difficult
vapid insipid
wary cautious
emancipate set free
lionize glorify
calumny slander
precocious bright
ruse trick
poise composure
truculent fierce
superfluous excessive
utopia paradise
retort answer
overweening cocky
thriftless wasteful
ploy stratagem
lacerate tear
labored strained
kowtow bow
decree edict
middling moderate
veracity honesty
martial warlike
elysian blissful
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