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Wed. Science Test

Wednesday science test

definite volume, no definite shape liquid
no definite volume or shape Ex: oxygen or steam gases
gas with its electrons stripped off Ex: Northern Lights, neon signs, the sun Plasma
a reaction that needs energy to happen, that "sucks energy IN". This can be cold endothermic
a reaction that needs to get rid of energy, that lets "energy EXit". This can be warm exothermic
signs of chemical change are? change in color, change in odor, change in consistency, change in temperature, production of gas, production of precipitate
definite volume and shape Ex: ice or wood solid
atoms occupying the same quantum state Bose-Einstein Condenstate
plasma> gas recombination
gas>liquid condensation
liquid>solid freezing
gas>solid sublimation
gas>plasma ionization
liquid>gas evaporation or boiling
solid>liquid melting
mass amount of material in an object-- not the weight; measured in grams
volume amount of space an object takes up; measured in liters
physical change a change that alters the form or appearance but doesn't make the substance into another substance
examples of physical change? phase, shape, form; melting, freezing, boiling cutting, smooshing
chemical change a change that produces new substances with new properties different from the original substances
examples of chemical change? combustion, oxidation,tarnishing,electrolysis, acid/base reactions; baking soda w/ vinegar, acid on your skin, crackers broken down by spit enzymes
chemistry the study of matter and how matter changes
matter anything that has mass and volume
pure substances fixed compositions (water) distinct properties (boils at 100 degrees C)
mixtures combination of pure substances in which the pure substances retain their chemical properties (chocolate chip cookies, salt water) can be separated (filtration, distillation, evaporation, magnetism)
elements cannot be broken down into simpler substance and still retain its properties; single elements (Na,H,Fe)
compounds two or more elements chemically combined (Salt-- NaCl Water--H2O Rust--Fe2O3)
homogeneous mixture aka solution uniformly mixed throughout (saltwater, bronze, sugar, cookie, a fart :D )
heterogeneous varied composition (chocolate chip cookies, jello with fruit, yourself)
atoms the smallest unit of an element that maintains the properties of that element
molecules composed of two or more elements that are joined by chemical bonds the same elements:H2, O2, N2 different elements:C6H12O6, H2O
compounds pure substance composed of two or more different elements joined by a chemical bonds
Created by: LittleRiver