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Health policy

chapter 3

Bounded rationality policy making process are intentionally rational and follow a linear procedural process
Substantive rationality congressional member has complete information prior to making a decision
legislative markup a process of editing, changing, or re-writing aspects of a bill
reports outline the intent of a bill
Procedural rationality uses mental shortcuts to process policy information about a bill to engage in decision making process
Lack of rationality congressional members not having enough information about a bill, yet they engage in decision making about the bill
What are some legislative committee responsibilities that impact public health? finance committee, health education and labor, transportation, ways and means committee
Standing committees Have permanent jurisdiction over a specific type of bill
Joint legislative committee is a committee that has representation from both the senate and house of reps
conference committee a committee that is typically assigned to work out difference in 2 similar bills
hearings provide an opportunity for testimony, can be closed or public
political parties institutions for the translation of mass preferences into public policy
Congress is made of Senate and House of reps
What chamber is responsible for originating all revenue bills house of reps
What are the functions of the senate ratification of president and governor appointment, legalizing consent to war, impeachment trials,ratification of treaties
What are the 3 underlying principles of police power? promote the greater public good, permit the restriction of private interest to promote public good, permit pervasiveness of state powers
What does parens patriae state? states may make decisions on behalf of individuals who are incapable of making decisions for themselves
taxation a power that regulates individual private behaviors through economic penalities
centralism concentrates sovereignty within one governmental structure
The World Health Organization... develops policy that directs and coordinates health initiatives within the U.N system
What does W.H.O provide? health research agenda setting, establish national guidelines, provides technical support
partial preemption policy of the same or similiar topic exists at the national and state level
What does the U.N. do? maintain international peace, assist in the development of friendly nations,support better standard of living, promotes social progress
What are the 5 principal organs the U.N. activities occur through? general assembly, security council,economic/social council, secretariat, international court of justice
What is the framework of federalism guides the development of organizational or institutional structures, delineation of authority/accountability,policy processes
police power provides the legal authority to ensure the health, safety and welfare of society
What are federal mandates? direct orders to the state gov. that require the conduct of specific state activities generally through the enactment of federal laws
total preemption federal government assumes all powers over state laws
Reserved powers doctrine states can exercise all powers inherent in government to protect the public through the formation of policies and political structures
what are the chief powers for public health purposes? powers to tax, spend, regulate interstate commerce
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