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health policy

chapter 1

Substantive policy Policy that changes or alters the current status of events
Institutional policy policies that are developed by an institution that affects the constituents of the institution
organizational policy decisions made by a board of directors that outline the decisions that represent the constituents of that organization
Procedural policy informs the manner or process in which the policymaking body implements changes
What do regulatory bodies include? governments, legal systems, third party players, ethics
What is the process of determining what problems are deserving of policy solutions and resolution at the current time? agenda setting
Policy- cycle process issue raising, agenda setting, policy drafting
legal policy policy founded upon laws or accepted rules through a legislative or executive government process
Systemic agenda issues that are important to a political group or community that deserves public attention
Institutional agenda items that are explicitly being given consideration for action by policymakers
Public policy policy that impacts the general public
Decision agenda items that are actively on the table for policy making action by policymakers
Interpersonal agenda setting social or political networks to influence a decision about an agenda
What are some examples of consumers? families, communities, clients
3 majors forces that affect policy decision making? consumers, providers, regulatory bodies
Policy networks stable patterns of social relations through interdependent constituents that form around a problem
Policy intention what is meant to be achieved by the policy
3 criteria for hall agenda setting legitimacy, feasibility, support
4 factors that define the policy triangle model policy content, context, actors, process
Politics, policy, and values model everyone involved provides the large context in which decisions are rendered
Schneide and Ingram construction model authority, incentive, capacity building, symbolic-hortatory, learning
political influence model the ability of an individual or group to impact the policy agenda
4 spheres of political influence government, workplace, organizations, community
what are the 6 p's? policy, process, players, politics, press, public polls
6 phases of the problem centered public policy process agenda setting, policy formulation, adoption, implementation, assessment, modification
Public Health Policy administrative decisions by the 3 branches of government that affect the health of a population
Allocation intent providing resources in the forma of goods, services, income to ensure implementation of policy to individuals
Social policy impacts the general welfare of the public
Agenda universe represents all the ideas that could be brought up and discussed within a society
Punctuated Equilibrium model policy making occurs through incremental changes that occur over an extended period of time
providers that affect policy decision making healthcare professionals, scientists, researchers
Garbage can model policy solutions that have been discarded that remain circulating within the policy sphere
Policy Solution the answer that will resolve a problem
Private policy policy not within the public domain that is produced by non-government agencies or organizations
Unintended consequences the unexpected effects that result from a policy
Policy effect the impact of a policy which can be intended or unintended
Health policy Any policy that affects the health of individuals, communities, or society
Created by: ashley1723