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Science Ch. 2 Guide

occurs only in the presence of a magnetic field Induced Magnetism
groups of atoms in which the polarity is alligned in the same direction Domains
an alloy made of three different metals, makes a strong magnet ALNICO
makes up ALNICO aluminum, nickel and cobalt
changes vabriations in electrical currents to sound waves loudspeaker
a coil of wire that can become a electro magnet armature
constantly switch the magnetic poles of a armature commaultors
the region around a magnet where the magnet force acts magnetic field
the two ends of a magnet that either point N or S magnetic poles
the reigons around earth's atmosphere that shield us from harmful particals from the sun van allen belts
northern lights auora borealis
southern lights auora australis
a magnetic that needs to be hooked up to a power source at all times, a temporary magnet electromagnet
the current made by using a magnet and wire induced current
changes kinetic energy of rotation into electrical energy electric generator
changes electricity into kinetic energy of rotation electric motor
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