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Intro To Athletic


Roles: Preventing, Recognizing, Managing and rehabilitating.
Link between? Medical community and physically active individuals.
NATA meeting 1950 in Kansas City.
Athletic Training Traditional settings College and High school
ATC Today Pro Sports, hospitals, clinics, industry, military, physician extenders.
40% outside traditional Health Care provider- change in education
Athletes or... Patients
ATC room or... Clinic
Sports Medicine broad field of medical practice related to physical activity and sports. AT is only one component.
Pro-sport Organization Upgrade profession through establishment of standards.
NATA enhance quality of health care for athletes.
Number one job as Athletic Trainer Prevention
5 Domains Prevention, Clinical eval, emergency care, Treatment and rehab, Organization.
Qualities for the job Stamina, adapt, Empathy, sense of humor
AT and athlete Good relationship with athletes, decisions effect the athlete.
AT and Parents Keep informed,thoughts and insurance taken in to consideration.
HIPAA Protects Patients privacy
AT and Team physician Advise and supervise
AT and Coach Understand limits and roles. Allow athlete to participate in appropriate conditioning
June 1990 AT first recognized as an Allied Health Profession
CAATE Accreditation
12 Domains 1.Risk management and injury prevention. 2.pathology of injuries. 3.orthopedic clinical examination. 4.Medical Conditions and disabilities. 5.acute cares of injury. 6. therapeutic Modalities. 7.Conditioning. 8. Pharmacology. 9.Psychosocial intervention.
Continued 10.nutrition. 11.health care administration 12.professional development and responsibility.
Health Care Management Strategic Plan Development
Policy rules
Procedure describe the process
Ask yourself the question: Who will be served?
OSHA Occupational Safety and health association
Budget Size, Equipment needs, Planning and Prioritizing
Expendable cannot be reused
non-expendable reusable supplies
Non-consumable remain in the ATC Room
Capital leave and come back (ex. crutches)
Risk Management Plan Security Issues, Fire Safety, Electrical Equipment- GFCI, Emergency Action Plan
HIPAA Definition Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
Record Keeping up to date, huge responsibility. Hold up in court
Physical Exam- Why? Beginning of year, Identify athlete may be at risk, establishes baseline, Insurance.
Up to date Folder 1.Med History 2.Physical Exam 3.Cardiovascular Screening 4.Maturity 5.Orthopedic 6.Wellness Screening 7.Sport Qualification
Liability State of being legally responsible for the harm one causes to another person.
Standard of reasonable care 1.Assumes person is of ordinary and reasonable prudence. 2.Bring common sense approach to the situation. 3.Must operate w/in the appropriate limitations of ones educational background
Torts legal wrong committed against another person
Nonfeasance Omission, fail to perform legal duty
Malfeasance Commission, performs action not hers to perform
Misfeasance Improperly does something that they have the legal right to do.
Negligence failure to use ordinary or reasonable care. "does something a normal person would not do"
Good Samaritan Law 1-2 year, provides limited protection against legal liability to one who provides care.
General Health Insurance *Policy covers illness, hospitalization and emergency care. *Secondary Insurance provided through institutions to cover costs.
Forms of Insurance Accident Insurance, Professional Liability, Catastrophe Insurance
Third Party HMO, PPO
Copayment A specific amount paid by the policy holder
Assumption of Risk Acknowledgement of hazards in sports
Statue of Limitations A specific length of time in which an individual may sue.
Exclusions Treatment not covered by insurance policy
Product liability Written guarantee athletic equipment is safe.
Point of Service Plan combination of HMO and PPO
Capitation Members make a monthly payment
Deductible Owed by the insured annually before the insurance company will pay
Fee-for-service Most traditional form of billing for health care
BOC Responsible for certification of athletic trainers
CAAHEP AMA committee responsible for the accreditation process
NATA Established professional athletic training standards
APTA The governing body for physical therapy
Team physician Make the final decision on return to play
Athletic Trainer Makes the competitive environment safe
Equipment Manager Purchases equipment
Coach Ensures the quality of sports equipment
Player Understand and assumes the risk involved in sports.
Three members of the sports medicine team Coach, Athletic Trainer, Team Physician
Four types of regulation Liscensure(Indiana), Certification, Registration, Exemption
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