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Appendicitis NU102

What is appendicitis? obstruction or inflammation of appendix leading to edema, infection & ulcers
What happens within 24-36 hours of appendicitis? Necrosis & gangrene leading to perforation & bacterial peritonitis
Where is the INITIAL mild pain of appendicitis felt Upper abdomen
What distinct characteristics of the pain oof appendicitis happens at Mc Burney's point? rebound tenderness (pain is relieved by palpation but returns when pressure is released)
Rovsing's sign Palpation of LLQ causes pain in RLQ
6 Manifestation of appendicitis RLQ pain (Mc Burney's Point), low grade temp, anorexia, nausea, vomiting & change in appetite
Diagnostic tests for appendicitis WBC with differential(elevated), elevated C reactive protien, ultrasound, ab x-ray & FACT
What will be the result of ab x-ray for appendicitis? FECALITH may be visible in RUQ & localized ileus noted
Appendicitis Diagnosis ab ultrasound, pelvic exam & Intravenous Pyelogram
What is th emost effective way to diagnose appendicitis Ab ultrasound
Why is a pelvic exam done for appendicitis? Done to females of child bearing age to rule out gyn disorders & PID
Why is an Intravenous pyelogram done for appendicitis? to defferentiate appendicitis from UTI
5 Complications of appendicitis infection, perforation (24 hrs after onset), peritonitis, ileus & abcess
# 1 complication of appendicitis INFECTION
4 Treatment of appendicitis IV fluids, electrolytes, antibiotic, appendectomy (laproscopy or laparotomy)
Which is the preffered type of appendectomy LAPAROSCOPY is PREFFERED
What is a common complaint of clients after a laparoscopy? GAS PAIN radiating to SHOULDER
What is done if a client with appendicitis has a high fever? their blood is cultured to rule out sepsis
Care of Post Op Appendicitis patient Give analgesia, NPO-advance diet, antibiotics & wound care
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