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Latin 7 - Class Conv

Use this to review your vocabulary for your first test of the year

Salve, puella Hello, girl
Salve, amica Hello, friend
Salve, discipula Hello, student
Salvete, puellae Hello, girls
Salvete, discipulae Hello, students
Salve, magistra Hello, teacher
Quid est nomen tibi? What is your name?
Quid est praenomen tibi? What is your first (Latin) name?
Quid est cognomen tibi? What is your last (Latin) name?
Quid est nomen Romanum tibi? What is your full (Latin) name?
Nomen mihi est My name is
Quid agis hodie? How are you doing today?
Optime Excellent, very well
Bene Good, well
Nec bene o.k.
Male Bad, not well
Pessime Very bad, horrible
Ita vero Yes
nonnumquam sometimes
numquam never
Minime No
saepe often
Quaeso Please
Gratias tibi Thank you
Nescio I don't know
Me paenitet I'm sorry
Bonam fortunam Good luck
Ignosce mihi Excuse me
Surge/Surgite! Get up, stand up
Sali/Salite! Jump
Ambula/Ambulate! Walk
Curre/Currite! Run
Sede/Sedete! Sit down
Tace/Tacete! Be quiet
Audi/Audite! Listen
Specta/Spectate! Look at, watch
Scribe/Scribite! Write
Tempta/Temptate! Try
Para/Parate! Get ready, prepare
Disce/Discite! Learn
Ride/Ridete! Laugh, smile
Vale/Valete! Goodbye
semper always
Ubi est? Where is
absum/abest I am absent/she is absent
adsum/adest I am present/she is present
Ego sum I am
Tu es you (singular)are
est she is (also he/it is)
Nos sumus we are
Vos estis you (plural) are
sunt they are
Quis est? Who is?
Esne? Are you (singular)?
Estisne? Are you (plural)?
Created by: hflmagistra