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Step 1 9.21.12

Microbiology I

What is the function an composition of peptidoglycan? gives rigid support, protects against osmotic pressure. made up of sugarbackbone with cross linked peptide side chains
What is the function and chemical composition of cellwall and membrane in G+? major surface Ag made up of peptidoglycan wiht lipoteicoic acid.
What 2 cytokines does lipoteichoic acid ilicit in the host? TNF, Il-1
what is the function and chemical compostions of the outer mebrane in G-? site of endotoxin(lippopolysacaride major Ag). polysaccaride, lipid A
What 2 cytokines does endotoxin (lipopolysaccardie ellicit in the host? TNF, IL-1
What is the function and composition of the plasma membrane in bacteria? lipoprotein bilayer. site of oxidative and transport enzymes
What are the subunits and function of the bacterial ribosome? 50S and 30s, protein synthesis
What is the function and composition of a bacterial capsule? protects bacteria from phagocytosis, made of polysaccaride except Bacillus anthracis where it is D-glutamate
What is the function and composition of the periplasm in bacteria? space between cytoplasmic membrane and cell wall in G-. contains hydrolytic enzymes like beta lactamases
What is the function and composition of the bacterial pilus/fimbria? made of glycoprotein, mediate adherence and sex pilus allows for conjugation between 2 bacteria
What is the function and composition of a bacterial spore form? helps resist dehydration ,heat, chemicals. made of keratin like coat of dipiclonic acid
Where in the bacteria do genes for abtx resistance tend to be held? on plasmids
What is the function and composition of a bacterial glycocalyx? mediates adherence to surfaces, esp foreign ones(catherters). made of polysaccardie
What is the difference between G+ and G- bacteria biochemically? G- have 2nd cell wall made of endotoxin, G+ have lipoteichoic acid projections from cell wall
What are 2 examples of gram positive cocci? staphylococcus, streptococcus
What is an example of a G- cocci? Nisseria
What are 5 G+ bacilli? clostridium, corynebacteria,bacillus, listeia, acid fast mycobacteria
What are 9 major G- bacilli? ALL ENTERICS, haemophilus, legionella (silver), bordetella, francisella, brucells, pasteurella, bartonella, gardnerella (G variable)
What are 2 examples of branching filamentous G+? actinomyces, norcardia (weakly acid fast)
What are 2 examples of pleiomorphic G-? rickettsiae, Chlamydia (giemsa)
What are 3 examples of G- spirochetes? leptospira, Borellia (giemsa),treponema
What bacteria has no cell wall? mycoplasma
What is unusual about the mycoplasma cell wall? doesnt have one, contain sterols in membranes
What is unusula about the mycobacteria cell wall? contain mycolic acid, high lipid content
What are 6 bacteria which do not gram stain well? 1.Treptonema (too thin) 2. Rickettsia (intracellular) 3. Mycobacteria (high lipids require acid fast) 4. Mycoplasma (no cell wall) 5. Legionella pneumophila (mostly intracellular) 6. Chlamydia (intracelular, lacks muramic acid in cell wall)
What is the pneumonic for bacteria that can't be stained with gram? These(treptonema) Rascals(rickettsia) May(mycobacteria) Microsciopically (mycoplasma) Lack (legionella) Color(chylamidia)
What is the the best way to stain legionella? silver stain
What is the best way to stain borellia, Plasmodium, trypanosomes, Chlamydia? giemsa stain
What is the use of a periodic acid schiff stain (PAS)? stains glycogen, mucoopolsaccarides, used to Dx Whipples (tropherma whipelli)
What is the use od Ziehl-Neelsen stain(carbol fuchsin)? stains acid fast organismsa
What is used to stain for cryptococcus neoformans? india ink stain
What stain is best for pneumocystis and legionella? silver
What organism has to be grown in chocolate agar with Facor V(NAD+) and X(hematin)? H. influenzae
What organism requires growth in Thayer-Martine (VPN) media (Vancomycin (killG+), polymixin (G-), nystatin (fungi) N. gonorrhoeae
What organism requires Bordet-Gengou agar? b. pertussis
What organism requires tellurite plate, Lofflers media? C. diptheria
What organism requires Lowenstein-Jensen agar for growth? M. tuberculosis
What organism requires Eaton's agar to grow? M pneumonidae
What types of bacteria are pink on MacConkey's agat? lactose fermenting enterics
What bacteria makes blue black colonies on EMB agar? E. coli
What organism requiores charcoal yeast extract agar with cysteine and iron? legionella
What organisms require Sabouraus agar for growth? fungi
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