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CJ210 (Definitions)

Criminal Investigation

the branch of forensic science concerned with the scientific examination and interpretation of the minute details of physical evidence for the purpose of aiding the criminal investigator or a judge and jury during trial criminalistics
specimens of physical evidence of known origin (used for comparison with similar crime scene evidence) exemplars
an offender’s pattern of operation (method of preparing for and committing a crime) modus operandi (MO)
physical evidence that links a suspect to a crime scene or victim; a nonlegal term associative evidence
a reasonable ground for suspicion, supported by circumstances sufficiently strong to justify the issuance of a search warrant or to make an arrest probable cause
something for something, as in making a deal, e.g., plea bargaining quid pro quo
a cautious surveillance wherein the loss of the subject is preferred to possible exposure (also called discreet surveillance) loose surveillance
to follow secretly; to place a person under surveillance shadow
a device that records all numbers dialed in a telephone, generally installed at the telephone company’s central office pen register
a killing in which one person kills another by accident (without gross negligence) and without intent to injure excusable homicide
the unlawful taking of a human life criminal homicide
a phenomenon that occurs when, in the growth of a fire, all the fuel in a room is ignited and flames flash over the entire area flashover
International Police Organization INTERPOL
drug-related terrorism with the intent to achieve a political aim narco-terrorism
ecological terrorism; illegal (often violent) efforts by groups to protect the environment ecotage
investigation of a crime after it has been committed reactive investigation
a rendezvous thought to be free of surveillance that is used for illegal activities such as bomb-making by terrorists safe house
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